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n. Chiefly Southwestern US
A flat arid valley surrounded by mountains and draining into a shallow central lake.

[American Spanish bolsón, augmentative of Spanish bolsa, purse, pouch, from Late Latin bursa; see bursa.]


(Physical Geography) Southwestern US a desert valley surrounded by mountains, with a shallow lake at the centre
[C19: from American Spanish bolsón, from Spanish bolsa purse, from Late Latin bursa bag; see purse]
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Then, the city relied primarily on two aquifers - the Hueco Bolson and the Mesilla Bolson - and the Hueco Bolson's water levels were dropping at a rate of 1.5 feet to 3 feet a year.
Materiais especificos para cirurgia ortopedica de aves nao estao disponiveis e o cirurgiao deve improvisar a partir de materiais projetados para outras funcoes (BOLSON & SCHOSSLER, 2008).
However, I noticed that leading the change in the US fell on Treasury Secretary Henry Bolson and his first advisor Neel Kahshlai, both appointed in the government after working at Goldman Sachs, which was under accusation along with the other banks.
Bolson, Iowa State University, for "Temperature Stability of Zeltex AccuHarvest Mobile Near-Infrared Spectroscopy Units."