bolt cutter

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Noun1.bolt cutter - an implement for cutting bolts
cutlery, cutting tool, cutter - a cutting implement; a tool for cutting
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The lawmen were able to enter the complainant's gate using a bolt cutter.
Ranon said policemen recovered two revolvers and a bag that contained a bolt cutter and tools used for picking locks.
A spokesman for West Sussex County Council said a street lighting contractor had been asked to remove the bike with bolt cutter.
Chief Superintendent Isagani Nerez, Police Regional Office-Cordillera (PRO-Cor) director, said Teddy Tanacio Castro, 38, of Cayos, Quirino, Ilocos Sur, leader of the an acetylene and bolt cutter group was arrested last January 19 at Resorts World Casino, Pasay City by virtue of a warrant issued by Regional Trial Court Branch 52 in Puerto Princesa City.
But more often, the thief has a bolt cutter and is trying to work fast.
A spokesperson for Mark Charles said it would have taken two people to carry the base, and a bolt cutter to cut through the chains securing it.
The tool set for the Forward Repair System (FRS), for example, has a bolt cutter with replaceable jaws.
Manila: Burglars worked their way around an elaborate security system at a suburban Quezon City bank on Sunday and it was only on Monday morning that staff found a bolt cutter, a knife and two crowbars near a vault.
For most installations, one person can make all adjustments entirely on site with an angled bolt cutter and a wrench.
Bolt Cutter winner and 88 flow team rider Alex Horn sold his box of shoes to get a plane ticket.
Another sculpture is composed of the head of a bolt cutter, covered with Play-doh to resemble a severely beaked bird, then mounted on a plaque from Medgar Evers College.