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Noun1.bolt-hole - a hole through which an animal may bolt when pursued into its burrow or den
hole - an opening into or through something
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A man who knows his way there can defy all the police of India's summer capital, so cunningly does veranda communicate with veranda, alley-way with alley-way, and bolt-hole with bolt-hole.
'Peshawur, full of his blood-kin - full of bolt-holes and women behind whose clothes he will hide.
Det Chief Supt Mark Payne said "He may have found a bolt-hole, but we believe he is being protected by someone.
Thailand has extradited a Mozambican fugitive wanted for a string of kidnaps for ransom and murders, police said, as a crackdown deepens on foreign gangsters using the Southeast Asian country as a bolt-hole.
However, very few experiments have been conducted with regard to the necessary clearance, and existing codes recommend various values to determine the appropriate bolt-hole clearance.
or a holiday bolt-hole. Ground floor apartments have their own patio, while those on the first floor have a Juliette balcony.
Louise, meanwhile, finds the perfect bolt-hole in Cornwall to keep her wayward teenage daughter out of trouble.
According to a source, the 23-year-old actress wants to ensure that they have a bolt-hole on the other side of the Atlantic and was seen looking at flats in New York, the Daily Telegraph reported.
Also in this group are bolt hole tapes (also known as drop-warp tape), available also in plain, premium and commercial grades; vermiculite-coated plain fiberglass tape and vermiculite-coated bolt-hole tape.
EVIL Larry Murphy has been driven out of his Dutch bolt-hole after locals discovered he was living in the area.
She's a property developer and that keeps her busy - and we've bought our Welsh property together.It's our little bolt-hole - a tiny three-bedroom house that overlooks a river.