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Noun1.bolt-hole - a hole through which an animal may bolt when pursued into its burrow or den
hole - an opening into or through something
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'Peshawur, full of his blood-kin - full of bolt-holes and women behind whose clothes he will hide.
A man who knows his way there can defy all the police of India's summer capital, so cunningly does veranda communicate with veranda, alley-way with alley-way, and bolt-hole with bolt-hole.
Bolt-holes are mill threaded for better quality, allowing more threads to engage when securing the lid.
As the ruling class swan around their country piles, arranging jaunts to their foreign bolt-holes, workers are made to toil until they drop, lower-classes are allowed an annual charabanc trip to the seaside, kids go back up chimneys and women stay in sculleries.
Neither have there been reports of those individuals or groupswho perverted the cause of justice by providing bolt-holes via the church equivalent of the Mafia code of silence, omerta.
TERROR-stricken victims of domestic abuse are being provided with secure bolt-holes in their own homes.
Pakistani troops backed by helicopters launched an offensive yesterday to capture foreign terrorists in the mountains along the Afghan border where Osama bin Laden is thought to have bolt-holes.