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bolt·er 1

1. A horse given to bolting.
2. One who gives up membership in or withdraws support from a political party.

bolt·er 2

1. A machine used for sifting, especially for sifting flour.
2. One who operates a sifting machine.


1. an outsider in a contest or race
2. (Historical Terms) history an escaped convict; bushranger
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Milty bolter told me a grate story in school yesterday.
This sparkling sally is to the effect that although he always knew she was the best-groomed woman in the stud, he had no idea she was a bolter.
Claire Rumbelow outside the fenced-off area at the side of her property in Parc Derwen, Bridgend abby bolter
To get to that automated system, where the roof bolter does not have to leave his station to insert a cartridge, especially in the high places out West, that has been a big push for Jennmar.
Singing legend Lionel Richie performing for the Liberty Stadium crowd last night PETER BOLTER
Police at the scene of a murder inquiry at Oxford Court, Ogmore Vale, yesterday Peter Bolter
O primeiro numero do periodico InfoDesign de 2016 aborda os problemas relativos a remediacao, processo definido por Bolter e Grusin como "a representacao de um meio em outro" (1999, pp.
After a bolter, the student successfully made his second arrested landing.
It is the latest controversy to hit UKIP after general secretary Roger Bird, 41, was accused of sexually harassing Natasha Bolter, 35.
Roger Bird, 41, has been suspended as general secretary for alleged "impropriety" with Natasha Bolter, 35.
A spokesman confirmed an investigation was underway into the allegations by Natasha Bolter - who defected to Ukip from Labour.