bomb blast

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Noun1.bomb blast - the explosion of a bombbomb blast - the explosion of a bomb    
blast - an explosion (as of dynamite)
atomic explosion, nuclear explosion - the explosion of an atomic bomb
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2 (ANI): Two men lost their lives in a bomb blast in Afghanistan on Thursday.
The 1750-bed LRH is now guiding Europe, Asia and Middle East to deal with 'urban warfare' as the war against terrorism rages across the globe due to its unmatched experience of dealing with over 10,000 gunshot chest injuries, over 550 thoracic bomb blast injuries and 73 drone attack chest injuries.
Amir Bilal stated that the record of all trauma patients that had fire arm, bomb blast and drone injuries undergoing surgical intervention over a period of fourteen years was reviewed.
ISLAMABAD -- At least two people were killed and several others sustained injuries in bomb blast incident took place at Saryab road area, Quetta.
Landi Kotal -- Five people, including a levies personnel, were killed on Monday in a bomb blast in Khyber Agency's Tirah valley, security sources said.
Emergency thoraocotomy was maximally done in bomb blast injury, followed by fire arm injury and followed by drone injury.
Bomb blast that injured several on-duty policemen in Saar: February 23, 2014;
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Interior Ministry sources reported the killing of two civilians and wounding ten more in bomb blast north of Baghdad.
Cairo-Jan24(BNA) A strong bomb blast targeted Cairo police headquarters early today morning, leaving at least 3 dead and 35 injured, Interior Ministry official spokesperson Major-General Hany Abdullatif announced.
NEW DELHI, April 18 (KUNA) -- Chief Minister of India's southern state of Karanataka Thursday said there was no intelligence alert about yesterday's bomb blast that ripped apart some cars and injured over a dozen civilians in Bangalore city.
BEIRUT -- A car bomb blast killed eight people, including a child and two women, near the Syrian capital on Saturday in what was once a regime stronghold, a monitoring group said.
A TERRITORIAL Army soldier who was killed in a bomb blast in Afghanistan was described as "the epitome of the modern volunteer soldier" at his funeral yesterday in the village of Darton between Huddersfield and Barnsley.