bomber crew

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Noun1.bomber crew - the crew of a bomber
air crew, aircrew - the crew of an aircraft
bombardier - the member of a bomber crew responsible for using the bombsight and releasing the bombs on the target
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At 19, he went to war, and now at 94, he's the only living member of his 10-man bomber crew who flew missions over Germany during World War II as part of the Eighth Air Force.
MEDALS won by an RAF hero who drove 200 miles behind enemy lines to rescue a bomber crew are for sale at auction with an estimate of PS30,000.
In an instant, they are transformed from simply another well-trained combat bomber crew to the focal point of international politics and debate for the rest of their lives.
Klockner Memorial to bomber crew killed in crash at Farnley Tyas My Father in Law was on Woodsome Hall Road at the time and it blew him over the wall Jan huddersfield examiner Yorkshire Ambulance Service late to more than a thousand Huddersfield patients last winter They do the best they can under current circumstances.
The most horrendous loss of life in a single crash in the area was in March 1941 when five members of a Wellington bomber crew were killed on the upper slopes of Moel Farlwyd.
Their interest in the heroic exploits of the young bomber crew triggered curiosity and has led to a belated ceremony to mark their wartime contribution.
Alan, who now lives in Silksworth, talked to the three bomber crew members who survived the crash.
Thus, he kept the very human face of the average bomber crew before the reader while developing his theme concerning the efficacy and morality of RAF bombing.
THE remains of a Second World War bomber crew were finally laid to rest in Italy, 68 years after their aircraft crashed during operations.
Howard Hawks marshals exciting aerial action and strong performances for this Second World War drama about a bomber crew caught up in the Pearl Harbor attack.
shelter and a memorial to a bomber crew that crashed here during WI.
Summary: Work has begun on a monument to the thousands of RAF bomber crew who lost their lives during the Second World War.