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Noun1.bombie - an unexploded bomblet; "unexploded bomblets known in Laos as `bombies' caused farmers to fear cultivating their fields"
bomblet, cluster bomblet - one of the smaller bombs that are released from a cluster bomb
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Per head - Limousin: PS1143.90 Bombie, PS914.40 Mosshead, PS896 2 Tregallon.
(26) Leah Scragg, 'Re-editing Lyly for the Modern Reader, or the Case of Mother Bombie's Stool', The Review of English Studies 63.258 (2012), 28,
While Burby was one of the main stationers involved in the publication of commercial plays during the 1590s, responsible for playbooks such as Orlando Furioso (1594, 1599), Mother Bombie (1594, 1598), The Cobbler's Prophecy (1594), The Taming of a Shrew (1594), and the second edition of Romeo and Juliet (1599), his dramatic output does not prioritize Shakespeare's plays nor authorial attributions.
PRINCIPAL PRICES (PER KILO) Texel 239p Wallend, 238p Sowerby Wood & Kirk House, 233p High Greenhill, 231p Crawthat, 230p Sowerby Wood, 225p Lanerton, 223p Copperthorns, Bombie & Bridgestone.
While in terms of celebratory grandeur, the Bombie Samba, Doll on a Music Box, and ultimately the grand Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ensemble in the Vulgarian castle ballroom, complete with a stage full of dancing kids, won the day.
(8) Pandit 2006:108 mentions that the name Dromio comes from Erasmus' Mother Bombie; Segal 2001:287 points out that the Greek name Dromio (from [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], 'to run') would be an apt name for these servi currentes.
Commonly known as a bombie, the bombs, which are the size of a baseball, often attract the attention of curious children.
(lines 28-37) (51) Lyly's printed plays: Campaste (1584), Sappho and Phao (1584, 1591), Midas (1592), Gallathea (1592), Mother Bombie (1594), the Woman in the Moone (1597), Loues Metamorphosis (1601).
On Thursday night, the US Embassy presented a concert featuring collaboration between Nubian Drums, one of the many musical heritage projects of Islamic Cairo mainstay Intissar Abdel-Fattah, and the Bombie Trio, a band from the US advertised as jazz but better described as a blues-rock cover band.
The project, titled Operation Bombie, has received interest from the World Education Consortium and she has also donated some of the photos to Laos-based charity, Cope.
Coloring fabrics, playing at dice, and dying provide wit for the title character of Lyly's Mother Bombie, as she tells Dromio's fortune: "Thy father doth live because he doth dye.