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intr.v. bom·bi·nat·ed, bom·bi·nat·ing, bom·bi·nates
To buzz; hum.

[Late Latin bombināre, bombināt-, variant of Latin bombilāre, from bombus, a rumbling, buzzing; see bomb.]

bom′bi·na′tion n.
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Rare. a buzzing or humming sound.
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Noun1.bombination - sound of rapid vibrationbombination - sound of rapid vibration; "the buzz of a bumble bee"
sound - the sudden occurrence of an audible event; "the sound awakened them"
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By night, she is "Anna Bombination" throwing elbows and streaking down the track as the publicist for the Magnolia Roller Vixens, Jackson's tough-as-nails all-girl roller derby team.
Mean weight decreased by 3.8 kg in the metformin group and increased by 0.4 kg in the bombination group (P<.001).
who today reads the imperialist bombinations, and abominations, of Henley - crept back into the night that covered him?