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A device in a combat aircraft for determining the point at which to drop a bomb in order to strike a target.
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(Firearms, Gunnery, Ordnance & Artillery) a mechanical or electronic device in an aircraft for aiming bombs
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a device installed in an aircraft for guiding the release of bombs.
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Noun1.bombsight - a sighting device in an aircraft for aiming bombs
sights - an optical instrument for aiding the eye in aiming, as on a firearm or surveying instrument
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[ˈbɒmsaɪt] Nmira f or visor m de bombardeo
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Despite efforts to remove weight from the plane, including removal of protective steel plates from the airplane, removal of the gun turrets, and scrapping all the radio equipment and trading the bombsights for a twenty-cent makeshift replacement, it was obvious that the planes would have to be ditched before reaching a safe airfield.
Bombsights employing complicated gyroscope technology allowed planes to pinpoint bomb attacks.
The US military depicted in this second set seems to fit historian John Keegan's characterization of a "warfare suited to the American character," combining "moral scruples, historical optimism, and technological pioneering." Young men are shown along with state-of-the-art equipment such as jeeps, radios, bombsights, carrier planes, submarines, and anti-aircraft guns.
Our Ordnance Department considered them so finely made they instructed Singer to stop making pistols and gave them more intricate items to produce such as parts for bombsights. Today Singer Sewing Machines are made in China.
Doolittle had the top-secret Norden bombsights removed from the aircraft to prevent them from possibly falling into Japanese hands and--because of their relative inaccuracy at the medium altitudes--planned for the actual raid.
The planes, bombs, navigational instruments, and bombsights that would be necessary for success were simply not available during that time.
When the second-wave dive-bombers encountered dense clouds between three and five thousand feet, they could not bomb, and their bombsights were not capable of lower-altitude glide-bombing.
He finally got a job in Washington, where men in civilian clothes were assumed to be FBI agents or inventors of bombsights.
"Shortages of spare parts for such items as superchargers, bombsights, and trucks (which themselves were in short supply) were frequent." (72) However, by the beginning of 1944, more than 190,000 supply items were cataloged, spares were at satisfactory levels, and "no aircraft was long on the ground for lack of spare parts." (73) The improvement is attributable to the synergistic effects of:
But despite the huge damage inflicted, despite improvements in navigation systems, bombsights and target-area-marking, towards the end of 1943 Bomber Command was incurring huge losses with no end in sight.
If you think force feedback is reserved only for jetliner controls, surgical training, and bombsights, think again.