bon vivant

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bon vi·vant

 (bôN′ vē-väN′)
n. pl. bons vi·vants (bôN′ vē-väN′)
A person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink.

[French : bon, good + vivant, present participle of vivre, to live.]
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bon vivant

(bɔ̃ vivɑ̃)
n, pl bons vivants (bɔ̃ vivɑ̃)
a person who enjoys luxuries, esp good food and drink. Also called (but not in French): bon viveur
[literally: good living (man)]
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bon vi•vant

(Fr. bɔ̃ viˈvɑ̃)

pl. bons vi•vants (Fr. bɔ̃ viˈvɑ̃)
a person who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drink.
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bon vivant

A French phrase meaning good living, used to mean someone who enjoys the best in food and drink.
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Noun1.bon vivant - a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)bon vivant - a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)
sensualist - a person who enjoys sensuality
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bon vivant

noun bon viveur, gourmet, connoisseur, foodie (informal), epicurean, hedonist, pleasure-seeker, epicure, gastronome, voluptuary, luxurist a garrulous book collector and bon vivant
abstainer, celibate, ascetic, self-denier
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Departure of Captain Bonneville for the Columbia Advance of Wyeth Efforts to keep the lead Hudson's Bay party A junketing A delectable beverage Honey and alcohol High carousing The Canadian "bon vivant" A cache A rapid move Wyeth and his plans His travelling companions Buffalo hunting More conviviality An interruption.
The count's tutor, a man of the world and a bon vivant, up to his eyes in learning, as his pupil described him, often recalled the profound erudition, the witty and caustic satire of Athos to Raoul; but as regarded grace, delicacy, and nobility of external appearance, no one in these points was to be compared to the Comte de la Fere.
Grant is most kind and obliging to me, and though he is really a gentleman, and, I dare say, a good scholar and clever, and often preaches good sermons, and is very respectable, I see him to be an indolent, selfish bon vivant, who must have his palate consulted in everything; who will not stir a finger for the convenience of any one; and who, moreover, if the cook makes a blunder, is out of humour with his excellent wife.
Athelney Jones proved to be a sociable soul in his hours of relaxation, and face his dinner with the air of a bon vivant. For myself, I felt elated at the thought that we were nearing the end of our task, and I caught something of Holmes's gaiety.
Murray was, by all accounts, a blustering, roystering, country squire: a devoted fox-hunter, a skilful horse-jockey and farrier, an active, practical farmer, and a hearty bon vivant. By all accounts, I say; for, except on Sundays, when he went to church, I never saw him from month to month: unless, in crossing the hall or walking in the grounds, the figure of a tall, stout gentleman, with scarlet cheeks and crimson nose, happened to come across me; on which occasions, if he passed near enough to speak, an unceremonious nod, accompanied by a
K- was a BON VIVANT as well as an accomplished teacher; he liked a sly illusion no less than a careful preparation.
Every housewife who had once "bought at Freely's" felt a secret joy when she detected a similar perversion in her neighbour's practice, and soon only two or three old-fashioned mistresses of families held out in the protest against the growing demoralization, saying to their neighbours who came to sup with them, "I can't offer you Freely's beef, or Freely's cheesecakes; everything in our house is home-made; I'm afraid you'll hardly have any appetite for our plain pastry." The doctor, whose cook was not satisfactory, the curate, who kept no cook, and the mining agent, who was a great bon vivant, even began to rely on Freely for the greater part of their dinner, when they wished to give an entertainment of some brilliancy.
To sit among bon vivants under palms in the swirl of concealed music, to look upon the
Vic Vic was a great La Sallian, a bon vivant, and most importantly a good and decent man,' Gordon said.
A special a la carte biryani menu has been prepared by the Master Chef to satiate the bon vivant in you.
Krug has become synonymous with the lifestyle of the bon vivant, and this champagne is a bottling to match.
Disposant d'un impressionnant arsenal, legalement acquis, apparemment bon vivant, habitue des croisieres et surtout des grosses mises de jeux dans les multiples casinos qui illuminent le ciel du desert du Nevada, il a savamment prepare son macabre a partir d'une suite d'hotel, bien perchee au 32 eme etage, selectionnee pour avoir deux fenetres donnant sur l'esplanade ou se deroulait un joyeux Festival de country music.