bon vivant

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bon vi·vant

 (bôN′ vē-väN′)
n. pl. bons vi·vants (bôN′ vē-väN′)
A person with refined taste, especially one who enjoys superb food and drink.

[French : bon, good + vivant, present participle of vivre, to live.]
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bon vivant

(bɔ̃ vivɑ̃)
n, pl bons vivants (bɔ̃ vivɑ̃)
a person who enjoys luxuries, esp good food and drink. Also called (but not in French): bon viveur
[literally: good living (man)]
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bon vi•vant

(Fr. bɔ̃ viˈvɑ̃)

pl. bons vi•vants (Fr. bɔ̃ viˈvɑ̃)
a person who lives luxuriously and enjoys good food and drink.
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bon vivant

A French phrase meaning good living, used to mean someone who enjoys the best in food and drink.
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Noun1.bon vivant - a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)bon vivant - a person devoted to refined sensuous enjoyment (especially good food and drink)
sensualist - a person who enjoys sensuality
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bon vivant

noun bon viveur, gourmet, connoisseur, foodie (informal), epicurean, hedonist, pleasure-seeker, epicure, gastronome, voluptuary, luxurist a garrulous book collector and bon vivant
abstainer, celibate, ascetic, self-denier
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Tony was cheeky and he was charming, he was a bon viveur, a disruptor and a genuine icon.
Her mum brings a lot of the veg prepped, my brother-in-law does the cheese board.' But there's one job the bon viveur would never delegate 'Damn right I'm in charge of the wine!' he grins.
Ann-Janine Murtagh, executive publisher of HarperCollins Children's Books, said: "I feel privileged to have been Michael Bond's publisher - he was a true gentleman, a bon viveur, the most entertaining company and the most enchanting of writers.
Andy Boulton, karaoke star and all-round bon viveur who answers to the nickname X-Factor, takes on Per Laursen, the lugubrious Dane.
Churchill was still remembered with affection by the country as a statesman, bon viveur and reformer, Mr Cameron said, but most of all as a patriot - with lessons to teach the modern world.
The flamboyant bon viveur bought the 14th century tower house as a Welsh country retreat, where he could indulge his fishing passion.
Friend and Daily Express columnist Carole Ann Rice said: "Edward was like a character in a book that you couldn't quite believe existed and Birmingham was so lucky to play host to this most irrepressible bon viveur, poet and old school gent.
Jon Gomm, The Moon Club, Cardiff IT'S WIDELY acknowledged that the ultimate social marketing tool is receiving a recommendation from actor, writer and all-round top bon viveur Stephen Fry.
THE death of Michael Winner this week brought back memories of a very rare visit to Newcastle for the London-based bon viveur and film director.
Bon viveur wine bar owner Don Hewitson (Cork and Bottle and Shampers in London theatreland) thinks it is the best since 1986 when he sold a mere 12,000 bottles - he wasn't around in '47 so we'll go with him.