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1. A small, ornate box or dish for candy.
2. A confectioner's store.

[French, from bonbon, candy; see bonbon.]


1. a small decorative box used to contain sweets
2. confectionery used as a table decoration at formal events or celebrations, such as wedding parties
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New deals with bars and restaurants including Bleriot Bar& Lounge and La Bonbonniere in Brazil and Peru provide Members with more choice at the airport when flying.
It is striking to see Peche's 1920 bird-shaped bonbonniere (Fig.
These were paired and each pair was confined in a separate crystal bonbonniere. The adults were fed with honey, water, and sucrose solution (1:5:1 ratio) until they died within six to eight days.
L'artisan ceramiste, Mahmoud Chioub, presente une exposition plurielle regroupant plusieurs pieces originales et originelles : gravures rupestres, motifs arabo-mauresques, baie et La Casbah d'Alger, jarres, lampes, bonbonniere et boites a bijoux.
But the London lad, 33 - who stars in E4's Million Pound Party People on Monday, about his Bonbonniere club empire - says he wants to settle down.
US rap superstar 50 Cent was clocked partying with nightclub mogul Joe Fournier at his A-list hangout Bonbonniere in London's Mayfair this week.
Options: Sprungli Cube with three layers - each layer is filled with 9 pieces of hand-crafted pralines and truffles, or each layer can be filled with 3 different kind of Sprungli products for AED 390.00 ($106); Fabric Bonbonniere size 1 - a special fabric-covered bonbonniere available in a wide range colours and designs, filled with approx.
Panis, Cafe'In, Cafe Philo, La Bonbonniere, Flore...