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1. A small, ornate box or dish for candy.
2. A confectioner's store.

[French, from bonbon, candy; see bonbon.]


1. a small decorative box used to contain sweets
2. confectionery used as a table decoration at formal events or celebrations, such as wedding parties
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It is striking to see Peche's 1920 bird-shaped bonbonniere (Fig.
L'artisan ceramiste, Mahmoud Chioub, presente une exposition plurielle regroupant plusieurs pieces originales et originelles : gravures rupestres, motifs arabo-mauresques, baie et La Casbah d'Alger, jarres, lampes, bonbonniere et boites a bijoux.
But the London lad, 33 - who stars in E4's Million Pound Party People on Monday, about his Bonbonniere club empire - says he wants to settle down.
US rap superstar 50 Cent was clocked partying with nightclub mogul Joe Fournier at his A-list hangout Bonbonniere in London's Mayfair this week.
00 ($106); Fabric Bonbonniere size 1 - a special fabric-covered bonbonniere available in a wide range colours and designs, filled with approx.
A despeito da expressao numerica, os multiplex possuem uma disposicao quase sempre recorrente: trata-se de um complexo de salas de tamanho pequeno ou medio, um largo corredor de acesso comum, uma bonbonniere, uma estrutura padronizada de organizacao das salas, uma concorrencia pelo usufruto da melhor tecnologia disponivel no mercado no que se refere a proiecao, que atenda a todos os requisitos exigidos pelo consumidor moderno, como salienta Oliveira (2003).
Restaurant le 4 in Rue de la Bonbonniere has only been open for a couple of years, but it's already become a dining destination.
A brunch/lunch/tea set, each item is gift boxed, and includes a teapot, creamer, sugar, tea for one, tankards, dessert plates, mug and porcelain coaster sets, cake stand, canape set, cache pot and bonbonniere are available.
Peter Karpati's new drama of intrigue and betrayal, Dreaming-pool (Orkeny Theatre), traces the triumphs and tribulations of Endre Nagy, who put his country's distinctive stamp on the art form at a club called Bonbonniere in 1907.
Klaus had already written to the master of ceremonies Paul Schneider-Duncker, known familiarly as Paulchen, asking for an engagement at Munich's Bonbonniere.
The vase forms a part of designer Victor Carranza's collection of bow-themed objects that include a serving tray, twin candlesticks, bonbonniere, and twin picture frames, the whole of which can be purchased for just a little under $12,000 at Tiffany & Co.