bone black

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also bone black  (bōn′blăk′)
A black pigment containing about 10 percent charcoal, made by roasting bones in an airtight container and used in polishes, as a filtering medium, and in decolorizing sugar. Also called bone charcoal.
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Noun1.bone black - black substance containing char in the form of carbonized bone; used as a black pigment
char - a charred substance
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From such things as feet, knuckles, hide clippings, and sinews came such strange and unlikely products as gelatin, isinglass, and phosphorus, bone black, shoe blacking, and bone oil.
The drawings accompanying Highstein's forged steel and concrete sculptures in the show are done with bone black pigment and Chinese ink.
Indeed, in the bone black, the collagen forms a coke that is intimately mixed with hydroxyapatite [Ca.sub.5](OH)[(P[O.sub.4]).sub.3], which consequently could be considered a clue for its identification.
bell hooks: Feminist Theory: From Margin to Center (1984); Talking Back: Thinking Feminist, Thinking Black (1989); Bone Black: Memories of Girlhood (1996); Writing Beyond Race: Living Theory and Practice (2013).
In order to taste the food they denied me for days in their righteous need to have me tamed, I--although their porridge and chops were like dead leaves in my mouth and their drear puddings, plaster (I'd have preferred a fistful of furor last winter's bone black with frost and green with neglect)--I cried out from the cellar and up through the floor boards as best I could:
We now offer a cosmetic grade of bone black pigment, listed as D & C Black No.