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Raman Singh Kandola It's bone idle laziness they should be ashamed don't have a dog if you can't bag it or bin it.
What they are saying is that they want the money too, but are too bone idle to earn it for themselves, so will prevent others from having the chance to do so, through hard work.
Most obese children are too bone idle even to venture out of their parents' home, as they are happier to play with their computers, electronic games and gadgets.
I guess I'm just bone idle" - Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins.
I guess I'm just bone idle" Actor Sir Anthony Hopkins "I don't think people should bother to read Shakespeare.
"There is his attitude - but he jus Wincanton his trainer "The blin you're going use them o Nicholls (left) look seasona Ales las pb "The blinkers will help and, if you're going to use them, why not use them on the big day?" Nicholls is right - Benvolio (left) looked bone idle on his seasonal return in the Badger Ales Trophy at Wincanton last month, but he still passed the post fifth behind subsequently disqualified The Young Master.
But unlike those who camp outside stores from 4am to ensure they score exactly what they want, I'm lazy, bone idle, and perhaps a little nonchalant.
I applied for 100 in a week back in June, its easy to do when u actually want to work and are not bone idle!
Low-paid workers are constantly skint, worn out and totally dejected, whilst the bone idle dossers just laugh down their noses at us.
Teachers are not lazy, they are not bone idle, they put way more than a 40 hour week into what they do.
"Some dog owners are just bone idle and fining them might be the only way to get them to stop being so selfish.
It doesn't help that Ibrahimovic and Robinho are bone idle. Their obscene contracts don't include clauses about tracking back, so they never do.