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n. Informal
A stupid person; a dunce.

bone′head′ed adj.
bone′head′ed·ness n.
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Adj.1.boneheaded - (used informally) stupidboneheaded - (used informally) stupid    
stupid - lacking or marked by lack of intellectual acuity


[ˈbəʊnˈhedɪd] ADJestúpido
References in classic literature ?
So, darling Nutty, my precious Nutty, you poor boneheaded muddler, will you kindly think up at your earliest convenience some plan for politely ejecting this Mr Chalmers of yours from our humble home?--because if you don't, I'm going to have a nervous breakdown.'
The regime labelled IPOB and Shiites 'terrorists' only because of their sustained, constitutionally guaranteed civil protests against the government, which will go down in history as the most thin-skinned collection of boneheaded crybabies.
Germany's nuclear shutdowns might please the electorate but they're boneheaded from a climate perspective.
I wouldn't eat my food in front of people" Quiz show host Victoria Coren Mitchell who dislikes quirky food, on her regime when she goes out to a dinner party "Who IS advising this boneheaded woman?" Former Tory Minister Ann Widdecombe is exasperated by the Prime Minister "I remember Spike Milligan receiving a prestigious British comedy award, and saying: 'I am not thanking anyone, it was me, me, me"' Roy Hudd, discussing award ceremonies "I get very annoyed when people think I'm nice or diffident or a polite English gentleman.
That in itself is extraordinary but when you couple it with the timing on the eve of a potentially firecracker season, it becomes doubly boneheaded.
That turned out to be a boneheaded thing to do, by his own admission.
Is one side more clearly boneheaded and the other brilliant?
Before leaving Meis is said to have sent dozens of files from her work email to her personal email, which Siegel described as a "boneheaded move."
Kim Aruin, who turned the ball over twice in boneheaded plays, capped off the Altas' 12-0 run with a step back jumper for Perpetual's 77-73 lead with 1:35 left in the game.
Rogers comes off so clean and conflict free in Neville's doc that boneheaded media commentators actually did this movie a favor by stirring up some controversy.
In the final minute of Game 1, Golden State got the benefit of a reverse charge call by the refs, a missed free throw by George Hill and a boneheaded mistake by J.R.