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1. Lacking bones: boneless organisms.
2. Having had the bones removed: bought boneless chicken breasts to cut up for a stir-fry.

bone′less·ly adv.
bone′less·ness n.
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Adj.1.boneless - being without a bone or bones; "jellyfish are boneless"
boney, bony - having bones especially many or prominent bones; "a bony shad fillet"; "her bony wrist"; "bony fish"


[ˈbəʊnlɪs] ADJ
1. (Anat) → sin hueso(s), deshuesado
2. (fig) → sin carácter, débil
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So that this whole enormous boneless mass is as one wad.
Hesiod's diction is in the main Homeric, but one of his charms is the use of quaint allusive phrases derived, perhaps, from a pre- Hesiodic peasant poetry: thus the season when Boreas blows is the time when `the Boneless One gnaws his foot by his fireless hearth in his cheerless house'; to cut one's nails is `to sever the withered from the quick upon that which has five branches'; similarly the burglar is the `day-sleeper', and the serpent is the `hairless one'.
Then they struck up a frantic dance, with maniacal gestures, idiotic stampings, and somersaults like those of the boneless clowns in the circus.
Bribe a seraph to fetch you a coal of fire from heaven, if you will," said I, "and with it kindle life in the tallest, fattest, most boneless, fullest-blooded of Ruben's painted women--leave me only my Alpine peri, and I'll not envy you.
For instance the Boneless Chicken Biryani (Dh39), one portion boneless chicken layered in premium zafran infused rice weighs 630 grams, contains 1135.
Ambedkar ihm sector 42 d chandigarh Mutton Caracus (shoulder, Leg, Neck, Chaamp),Mutton Leg,Mutton Keema (without fat),Mutton Boneless (without fat),Mutton Chaamp,Mutton Liver,Mutton Stock Bones (Kharoda),Whole Fish Pomfret White,Whole Fish Pomfret Black,Whole Fish Singara Desi,Whole Fish Rohu,Whole Fish Sole,Fish Boneless Singara Desi,Fish Boneless Suie,Fish Boneless Basa,Fish Boneless Sole
SINGAPORE: Boneless Beef Ribs Rendang, PS7 Slow cooked for six hours in coconut, lemongrass and coriander sauce, these tender boneless ribs are to die for.
We came up with these boneless barbecue bites as a delicious mashup of two classic Super Bowl party favorites: Buffalo chicken wings and barbecue baby back ribs.
The Boneless are ever-Boneless are everchanging but you changing but you ne ver see them ne ver see them clearly.
200gm boneless chicken; 1 cup all purpose flour; 1/2 cup milk; 1 egg; 1 cup bread crumbs; 1tsp onion powder; 1/2tsp each garlic of pepper and powder; 1/4tsp baking powder; salt to taste; 1/2tsp sugar; oil
com/) KFC is gearing up for its most anticipated menu addition in years as the fast-food chain announced Friday that it is introducing Original Recipe Boneless Chicken pieces.
Should you order Buffalo Wild Wings' Traditional Wings or its "all-white chicken" Boneless Wings?