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1. Lacking bones: boneless organisms.
2. Having had the bones removed: bought boneless chicken breasts to cut up for a stir-fry.

bone′less·ly adv.
bone′less·ness n.
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Adj.1.boneless - being without a bone or bones; "jellyfish are boneless"
boney, bony - having bones especially many or prominent bones; "a bony shad fillet"; "her bony wrist"; "bony fish"
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[ˈbəʊnlɪs] ADJ
1. (Anat) → sin hueso(s), deshuesado
2. (fig) → sin carácter, débil
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So that this whole enormous boneless mass is as one wad.
Hesiod's diction is in the main Homeric, but one of his charms is the use of quaint allusive phrases derived, perhaps, from a pre- Hesiodic peasant poetry: thus the season when Boreas blows is the time when `the Boneless One gnaws his foot by his fireless hearth in his cheerless house'; to cut one's nails is `to sever the withered from the quick upon that which has five branches'; similarly the burglar is the `day-sleeper', and the serpent is the `hairless one'.
Lorenzo de Medici was flabby and boneless; Rebecca was a thing of fire and spirit: he lacked energy and courage; Rebecca was plucky at two and dauntless at five.
The packers were always originating such schemes--they had what they called "boneless hams," which were all the odds and ends of pork stuffed into casings; and "California hams," which were the shoulders, with big knuckle joints, and nearly all the meat cut out; and fancy "skinned hams," which were made of the oldest hogs, whose skins were so heavy and coarse that no one would buy them--that is, until they had been cooked and chopped fine and labeled "head cheese!"
Then they struck up a frantic dance, with maniacal gestures, idiotic stampings, and somersaults like those of the boneless clowns in the circus.
"Bribe a seraph to fetch you a coal of fire from heaven, if you will," said I, "and with it kindle life in the tallest, fattest, most boneless, fullest-blooded of Ruben's painted women--leave me only my Alpine peri, and I'll not envy you."
( KFC is gearing up for its most anticipated menu addition in years as the fast-food chain announced Friday that it is introducing Original Recipe Boneless Chicken pieces.
THE DELI CASE IS HEATING UP NOW THAT SPRINGDALE, ARK.-BASED TYSON FOODS is introducing Tyson Chicken Glazers--tender chunks of boneless, unbreaded breast meat.
boneless, bone-in hams represent the largest share of volume.
Fun Fact: Couldn't carve the pool, but pulled a backside boneless over the light
If you've ever dressed a skinless, boneless chicken breast with orange juice and paprika, you know it's not hard.
Specialist producer of boneless cooked chicken products for food manufacturers and processors, Maxway Foods, has a 40Kw blast freezer on rental from Dawsonrentals to supplement its own blast freezing facilities.