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Adj.1.bonelike - resembling bone; "a bonelike tumor"
boney, bony - having bones especially many or prominent bones; "a bony shad fillet"; "her bony wrist"; "bony fish"
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Similarly, adult fish sense them through the motion of tiny bonelike structures called otoliths inside their skulls.
If left untreated, gingivitis will progress to periodontitis, a gradual destruction of the structures that hold teeth in position These structures are gingiva, bone, periodontal ligament and cementum, a bonelike substance covering the root of a tooth.
The skeletons, from the Chengjiang site in China, weren't necessarily bonelike and rich in minerals, says paper coauthor Shuhai Xiao, a geobiologist at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg.
Another example is the following: "The cementum is a hard, bonelike structure that covers the roots of the teeth and cements' to the dentin of the root.
In an exploration of how designers evoke human forms, a bonelike column made in 1966 by Wendell Castle, crafted from stack-laminated wood, is paired with a muscularly legged stool skinned with hexagonal brass plating, designed by the Haas Brothers in 2012.
Washington State University researchers recently announced the use of a 3-D printer to make bonelike material.
Heterogeneity in structure such as our observed spongy, bonelike trabecular structure brings up the possibility of its responsibility for the slow, progressive hardening of lobster carapace cuticle as described by Waddy et al.
In vitro differentiation of chick embryo bone marrow stromal cells into cartilaginous and bonelike tissues.
An essential condition for an artificial material to bond to living bone is the formation of bonelike apatite on its surface in the living body.
The pulp tissue in this chamber is surrounded by a bonelike tissue called dentin, which accounts for the bulk of the tooth's structure.
Lawrence Szewciw [along with] his professors at the University of Guelph has determined the physiological mechanism by which some whales effectively turn hair into bonelike baleen in their mouths.
Results showed that, the bonelike nanohydroxyapatite (n-HA) was successfully deposited on the PLLA and PLLA/Col nanofibers.