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1. A cemetery.
2. A place where the bones of wild animals accumulate.
3. A place where refuse, especially discarded cars, accumulates or is kept.


an informal name for a cemetery



1. a cemetery.
2. a place where the bones of wild animals accumulate.
3. a place where old or discarded cars, etc., are collected before being disposed of.
[1850–55, Amer.]
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Bones and Boneyard Circus, Snakefight, Zsaris and Philia.
Bones and the Boneyard Circus, The Wuds, Sky Church, Philippine Violators and many more heavy acts with performances sure to cause head banging and slamming all night long.
com, PS4 PLATES Boneyard plates, Party Delights, www.
In a swords-into-plowshares epiphany, he realizes he must build a new life by destroying his past, taking a job at the boneyard scrapping warbirds to provide material to create something new (prefabricated houses).
Every old fence they replace is loaded onto their flatbed trucks and dumped into their boneyard until they have enough to load into a large dumpster for one big trip to the landfill.
Tucked away in The Boneyard on Llandaff Road is a giant holistic retreat offering massage, hypnotherapy, and aromatherapy therapies.
Bill Maxwell, a former Marine aviator who now serves as Boeing's senior manager of F/A-18 operations, had to fly one of the planes out to the boneyard where he expected it to "rot in the desert" indefinitely.
Out of the farm's boneyard, McCombs and his friend Scott Johnson collected all the materials necessary to cobble together a 10-foottall, two-bale feeder trailer.
Among the most striking tableau was a cube at the old boneyard in Walker, by the Tyne.
Caleb Tosh copes with his guilt over an accident that has left his younger brother paralyzed and brain injured by immersing himself in a video game called The Boneyard.
The boneyard is home to the 309th Aerospace Maintenance and Regeneration Group.
Among the most striking tableaux was a cube at the old boneyard in Walker.