bongo drum

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Noun1.bongo drum - a small drumbongo drum - a small drum; played with the hands
drum, membranophone, tympan - a musical percussion instrument; usually consists of a hollow cylinder with a membrane stretched across each end
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Chimes, wooden percussion instruments and a bongo drum complemented the music of the final number, 'Nomads Carol' by Ily Matthew Maniano.
London, July 9 ( ANI ): A chimpanzee up a chimney and a kitten stuck in a bongo drum are some of the bizarre reasons people call the emergency line 999, according to Britain's top fire-fighter.
two people from this group were walking a black puppy and playing a bongo drum.
Originally developed to make use of the GameCube's unique Bongo Drum accessory, Barrel Blast is an odd racing title where you have to "beat" the Wii Remote and Nunchuk in the air like drum sticks to make your character move.
Late Hollywood legend Brando got patent number 6,441,286 in 2002 for a device that helps tighten the head of a bongo drum.
The pair, from Camp, Co Kerry, bought the bongo drum during a holiday in Zambia.
It became a gathering place and performance venue not only for Beat writers like Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac ("He used to bang on my guitar like a bongo drum," Poons recalls), but also for a group of young musicians and artists who had taken the composition course John Cage was teaching at the nearby New School for Social Research, among them Dick Higgins, Al Hansen, and others who would subsequently become part of the Fluxus movement.
In a moment of madness I found myself arguing about the price of a bongo drum, which I eventually bought - don't ask why
Costanzo indicated that his main concern was a bongo drum design with the added strength of a "diesel truck.
Hollywood legend Marlon Brando got a patent in 2002 for a device that helps tighten the head of a bongo drum.