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The Bonks are now a members of the Fort Garry Mennonite Fellowship.
Of his sister's nickname, Gaselee said: "As children we were known as the bonks and it stuck with her," while he added: "Her death was very sudden and a terrible shock to all of us.
We have a Coventry MP We've had him here for yonks This chap, he lives in Surrey These voters must be bonks It must be education (ie.
"There were a few bonks and then it petered out when I was in America" - Simon Cowell describes his brief fling with Dannii Minogue.
That's not to mention a senior nurse who steals husbands, bonks surgeons in the medicine cupboard and has recently been attacked by a psychotic doctor with a drink problem.
After watching Jane Horrocks' first 10 minutes of chocolate-fuelled product-placing bonks, I was expecting an hour of strife-peppered chortling.
I'm going to try and beat that with more bonks on one page than there are banks on Wall Street.
How the Bonks Prepared Me for Intercultural Ministry
The Scots total of 2.6 bonks a week puts us 11th out of 24 countries, and ahead of Americans, who enjoy nookie 2.3 times a week.