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Noun1.bonnethead - small harmless hammerhead having a spade-shaped headbonnethead - small harmless hammerhead having a spade-shaped head; abundant in bays and estuaries
hammerhead shark, hammerhead - medium-sized live-bearing shark with eyes at either end of a flattened hammer-shaped head; worldwide in warm waters; can be dangerous
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If there are sharks around it shouldn't be long until you're visited by some mix of blacktips, blacknoses, sharpnoses, bulls and bonnetheads. You can do the same thing out in the middle of the harbor in or around the edges of 20-foot holes.
In the past, a number of observational campaigns confirmed bonnetheads eat a lot of seagrass.
Gardiner has been able to catch five shark species (bonnetheads, blacknoses, blacktips, Atlantic sharpnoses and scalloped hammerheads).
"It's in poem form and tells you how to do polar bear dentistry, why you should never try to outspit a spitting cobra, and what bonnetheads, nurses and soupfins have in common.
For example, bonnetheads can store sperm, but no one had documented such storage for more than 5 months, or that juveniles would mate in the first place.
The fish looked wonderfully graceful in their spacious tanks, none more so than the sleek inhabitants of the tropical shark nursery, small bonnetheads, black-tips and leopards.
This research, which failed to explain if the sharks were actually consuming grass and extracting nutrients from it, or just accidentally swallowing it underwater, inspired Leigh to investigate the ability of bonnetheads to digest plants.
There is no minimum size for Atlantic Sharpnose Sharks or Bonnetheads
"It tells you how to do polar bear dentistry, why you should never try to out-spit a spitting cobra, and what bonnetheads, nurses and soupns have in common."
* Nurse sharks did not recognize their prey if their noses were blocked, but the blacktips and bonnetheads did.
Look for a spot in four or five feet of water on the edge of a bar where the tide runs fairly strong, hang a chum block over the side and you should find enough juvenile black tips, bulls and bonnetheads to keep you busy.
Known mainly as nocturnal feeders, bull sharks, hammerheads, lemons, blacktips, spinners, bonnetheads and others follow along the beaches to feed.