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also bon·nie  (bŏn′ē)
adj. bon·ni·er, bon·ni·est Scots
1. Physically attractive or appealing; pretty.
2. Excellent.

[Probably ultimately from French bon, good, from Latin bonus; see deu- in Indo-European roots.]

bon′ni·ly adv.
bon′ni·ness n.
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Adv.1.bonnily - in a bonny manner
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His wee bit ingle, blinkin bonnily, His clean hearth-stane, his thriftie wifie's smile, The lisping infant prattling on his knee, Does a' his weary carking care beguile, An' makes him quite forget his labour and his toil.
my maid, whose face was no longer the spit of my own, continued bonnily to beam" (167).
Neat, energetic little gem of feel-good Gallic fun performed bonnily at local hardtops during late February and March.