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Shimerda: he was unable to meet a note which fell due on the first of November; had to pay an exorbitant bonus on renewing it, and to give a mortgage on his pigs and horses and even his milk cow.
"Well," says the squire, "if it be nullus bonus , let us drink about, and talk a little of the state of the nation, or some such discourse that we all understand; for I am sure I don't understand a word of this.
But 'bonus' means 'good,' as it happens,--bonus, bona, bonum."
"All that is true, Senor Don Quixote," said Carrasco; "but I wish such fault-finders were more lenient and less exacting, and did not pay so much attention to the spots on the bright sun of the work they grumble at; for if aliquando bonus dormitat Homerus, they should remember how long he remained awake to shed the light of his work with as little shade as possible; and perhaps it may be that what they find fault with may be moles, that sometimes heighten the beauty of the face that bears them; and so I say very great is the risk to which he who prints a book exposes himself, for of all impossibilities the greatest is to write one that will satisfy and please all readers."
Of course we can't afford to take these structures down under a bonus of five hundred per cent upon the prime cost of our lot and plaster.
Bonus Accursius, as early as 1475-1480, printed the collection of these fables, made by Planudes, which, within five years afterwards, Caxton translated into English, and printed at his press in West- minster Abbey, 1485.
"As straight as the winds let 'em, and I give a bonus for record passages.
Appointees in smaller GOCCs with assets of less than P1 billion and revenue of not more than P100 million would have to make do with a P64,000 bonus from the previous P192,000 prior to Duterte's order.
Henry Cejudo: $440,000 ($350,000 to show, $50,000 Performance of the Night bonus, $40,000 fight week incentive pay)
ING (ING.AS) has said that it has cut its bonus pool following a year of record fines.
Total bonus share issues have been on a receding trend, largely due to the Government of Pakistan (GoP) raising taxes on issuance, reducing the relative impact on shareholder returns.
Aside from their 13th month pay, the Department of Budget and Management said government workers will receive their 14th month pay (or Christmas bonus equivalent to a full month salary) starting today along with cash gift of P5,000.