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A class of people regarded as stupid and gullible.

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slang US a group or social class considered to be ignorant or uncultured
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(ˌbu bwɑˈzi)

a segment of the general public composed of uneducated, uncultured persons.
[b. boob1 and bourgeoisie; coined by H. Latin. Mencken in 1922]
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Noun1.booboisie - class consisting of all those who are considered boobs
social class, socio-economic class, stratum, class - people having the same social, economic, or educational status; "the working class"; "an emerging professional class"
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Seeing themselves as the vanguard of the booboisie, they expected their less enlightened countrymen to follow them in the push toward de-nationalization.
Mencken, implacable enemy of what he called the "booboisie." The "literature of satire, sneer, and smear of such men as Mencken and the American Mercury group," wrote University of Kansas historian James Malin, promoted "ridicule of the typical American, the common man, and his institutions." By and large, this account is accurate.
Who, according to the ECFR's Shapiro, are the "mainstream politicians and experts of all kinds" whom the ignorant Brexit booboisie have defied?
Mencken's "booboisie," the sensibility was traditionally conservative, adding social contempt to a principled mistrust of popular wisdom.
As far as the unfortunate effect on the concept of democracy (whatever democracy actually is) of universal suffrage, which extends the vote to more of the American booboisie, remedies are at hand.
He illustrated with examples that the Founding Fathers had established a representative Republic, but that now the political process in the United States had deteriorated into the democratic rule of the 'mob.' As the title of the book implies, Kuehnelt-Leddihn thought the greatest threat to liberty in the United States came from the desire of the masses, the 'herdists,' to impose their mediocre uniform views (which resembled those of Mencken's 'booboisie') upon those who disagreed with them.
Like many another baby boomer watching his belly spill over the waistband of his Relaxed Fit 550 Levi's, part of the alternative press despairs that its g-g-generation has lost its fire and become exactly the complacent middle-class American booboisie it loathed.
Mencken's notion of the "Booboisie" and illustrate the ways in which industrial and corporate interests consolidating their authority represent a danger to individual distinctiveness.
The image of an Eliot disdaining "mere entertainment" or hurling potshots at the booboisie on the other side of the cultural divide is not one that holds up under inquiry.
The dramatic dichotomies between the literary gadfly and the political activist, between the enemy of the booboisie and the ardent patriot, between the self-hating Jew and the Jewish militant blur on closer examination.
When he became city editor, he fired eight reporters immediately and concluded that the remaining ones, "with few exceptions, were either drunkards or idiots." Throughout his life, he branded those who disagreed with him "morons," "idiots," "ignoramuses," "imbeciles," "booboisie." He wrote in 1925: "As I came to manhood and began to deal with men myself, I noticed quickly that the failures were all incompetents--that God had marked them for the ditch, not man."
Mencken (1880--1956) as the scourge of the middle-class philistines he dubbed the "booboisie," but in his own day he was at least as well known as a literary critic.