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a. A style of soul music popular in the mid 1960s, sometimes including Caribbean musical elements.
b. A style of dancing performed to this music.
2. A form of urban dance originating in the late 1960s, involving undulating, fluid body movements and briefly held poses, performed to funk music.

[Probably alteration of boogie or boogie-woogie (perhaps influenced by hullabaloo).]
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a type of dance performed to rock and roll music
to dance a boogaloo
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Owen, who is the daughter of filmmaker Jonny Owen, has recently supported Whiley on her '90s anthems tour, has her own weekend show on London station Boogaloo Radio, as well as a regular DJ slot at club nights staged by indie rock promoter This Feeling.
figure By MUTUMA MATHIU This, would you believe it, is really not about Boogaloo Shrimp.
What he can tell us about is what's in store when he makes his Liverpool debut next month for Boogaloo x Cherry Mango, at Meraki: "Expect house, disco and techno and to have a good time.
It featured in several popular films of the early 1980s, including Flashdance, Wild Style, Breakin' and Electric Boogaloo.
Ay Que Boogaloo! is the latest album by Latin boogaloo group Spanglish Fly, who relish in transforming their chosen genre with elements of bolero, New Orleans funk, swing jazz, Arabic chant, and more.
The ELO founder frontman was called in when a forgotten tape of Ringo playing Back Off Boogaloo was discovered.
The Boogaloo crew are at Flat 0/1 with Simon Forbes as the special guest.
Other program highlights included the presentation of a Lifetime Achievement Award to legendary dancer/actor Michael 'Boogaloo Shrimp' Chambers, star of 'Breakin'' and 'Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.' Taimak, the star of the martial arts classic 'The Last Dragon,' presented his award.
At a time when every town with a stoplight is grabbing festival dollars, Oakland's Burger Boogaloo remains a bastion of old-school fortitude.
And it's evident on latest album Gon' Boogaloo - on which CW picks up an electric six string for the first time in a recording studio - a fine collection that references calypso, rock and roll, 60s girl groups and gospel as well as the old favourites.
It was on a cold, crisp November evening at North London's Boogaloo Club back in the mid-Noughties and I arrived to find the man himself sitting inside on a busted leather sofa.