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or boog·ie·man or boog·y·man or bo·gey·man  (bo͝og′ē-măn′, bo͞o′gē-, bō′gē-)
A terrifying specter; a hobgoblin.


n, pl -men
a US name for bogeyman


(ˈbʊg iˌmæn, ˈboʊ gi-, ˈbu-)

also boogeyman

n., pl. -men.
an imaginary evil character of supernatural powers, esp. a mythical hobgoblin supposed to carry off naughty children.
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Noun1.boogeyman - an imaginary monster used to frighten childrenboogeyman - an imaginary monster used to frighten children
monster - an imaginary creature usually having various human and animal parts
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Now, with the help of an ancient handbook and a secret society of butt-kicking babysitters, Kelly sets out to destroy the Boogeyman before he brings Jacob's nightmares to life.
Sinister 2 97mins 15 A BOOGEYMAN targets another family in a disappointing sequel to the 2012 horror hit.
Disturbing creepiness finally gives way to sinister boogeyman superstition.
Alas, despite the pervasive and disturbing creepiness, it ultimately unravels in boogeyman superstition.
The ABC affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, reported on January 2 about a real-life boogeyman who met a fatal end when he tried getting into the bedroom of a young girl.
His life of puckish fun is ended abruptly when the Guardians, a band of fairytale figures, try to recruit him to stop the Boogeyman giving all the world's children nightmares.
Roger Ailes and his Fox News is the boogeyman to many liberals.
When a little boy is taken by the closet's dark tendrils and the boogeyman who lives within, the toys follow, hoping to rescue him in fear they will never return.
The Boogeyman explains that the weights are "a lifetime of accumulated guilt and fear.
And, after seeing Jayne, 21, spend the entire movie parading around in a skimpy bra-less blue tank-top and skimpy white knickers - before finally being slashed to death by the Boogeyman - one fan on the site said: "Wow, this is just snuff.
Nikki, who played Candice Stowe in the Weatherfield soap, appears naked in the horror sequel Boogeyman 3.
Trent Lott have stabbed the industry with accusations, portraying it in public as a premium-sucking, claim-denying boogeyman.