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 (bo͝og′ē-măn′, bō′gē-, bo͞o′gē-)
Variant of boogeyman.
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Entertainment came from Stephanie Webber, who recently starred on BBC One show The Voice, Ellie Makes Music, Gemma Thomas, Marie Batchelder, Tom Auton, Cristian Perugino, Ross and Lang, and Bayside Boogiemen.
Toy dinosaurs and lost socks fall prey to "the sharp mouth that live under the bed'' in "The Sharp Mouth and the Toilet Vampire,'' which depicts boogiemen underneath the bed and in the bathroom.
There are still some security concerns to address; however, the complexity of the Internet of Things is far from the dark threat of Skynet or HAL--Hollywood boogiemen that lead to the demise of humankind.
They contain some of the most horrifying and fantastic creations of Goya's imagination: strange bird-men soar through a dense darkness, a wild horse abducts a woman, and a host of witches, boogiemen, and other representatives of depraved humanity emerge from the shadow.
Stomach-churning torture-porn, otherworldly mutant creatures, self-referential teen slashers, disfigured boogiemen - where one derivative idea succeeds, another dozen clones follow.
WITH his razor-sharp, incisive wit and volcanic rage, Hannibal Lecter has become engrained as one of cinema's most fascinating and fearsome boogiemen.
And the 34-year-old will open the doors of his Boogiemen Productions to the public in RTE's This Note's For You tomorrow night.
That sort of line has always appealed to Billy Gibbons, known worldwide as lead guitarist of TexMex boogiemen ZZ Top and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame by no less an axeman than Keith Richards.
On the domestic front, instead of dismissing the fears and boogiemen of the Depression years as Roosevelt had, Reagan spoke of the dangers of Big Labor and Big Government.
The King book, based, in part, on his own life, said, on one level anyway, that HIV-infected Boogiemen were going to catch and infect Sisters and increase the HIV crisis.
Spectacular gore festival as big screen's top boogiemen go head to head.
Ender is a 5-year-old who is molded from birth to be a soldier in the fight against aliens who, real or imagined, are the boogiemen of the adult world.