Book account

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an account or register of debt or credit in a book.

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Shtayyeh said in a video posted on his personal Face book account that the financial pressure practiced by Israel is part of a financial war aimed at forcing us to surrender and accept the US so-called 'deal of the century', stressing that the Palestinian people will not be defeated and will only accept justice based on the establishment of an independent and sovereign state of Palestine with East Jerusalem as its capital and implementing the right of return for refugees.
In this context the sources further said that during enquiry technical experts have sought all material from the FIA Cyber Crime Reporting Centre in which 3 videos and one Face book account of the Youtube have been identified.
However, a face book account of the school insisted that travel documents were genuine and requested the embassy to reconsider its posts.
The military spokesperson Refaei said in a statement published by his official Face book account Monday that the HRW report came unlike reality and based on unreliable sources.
She realised they were from her son's Face book account."
His entertaining book account of his journey, including many Scottish highlights, reveals encounters with wildlife, other surfers and local people.
Jasper's difficulty in relating to others is narrated in a series of simple events parents and kids can readily understand, creating an involving rhyming picture book account that promotes understanding in the course of exploring Jasper's perspectives on life.