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salesman - a man salesperson
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Eisenhower "laughed it off" when told by MI5 of the plot, revealed by Robert Hutton in new book Agent Jack.
He said the former 'Two And A Half Men' star never hired the book agent in the first place, reports Contactmusic.
Peterson's book agent, who believes that his client is innocent, has said that the book will be published when the trial is over.
The New York Observer, a Manhattan, weekly newspaper, quoted book agent David Vigliano, who identified himself as representing Blair.
However, when a book agent tells him that he could sell many books if he would "forget about writing retellings of Euripides and parodies of French poststructuralists and settle down to write the true, gritty real stories of black life," he responds with dramatic irony: "I told him that I was living a black life, far blacker than he could ever know, that I had lived one, that I would be living one."