book bag

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bag - a bag in which students carry their booksbook bag - a bag in which students carry their books
bag - a flexible container with a single opening; "he stuffed his laundry into a large bag"
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The book bag giveaway and cookout will be held on Sunday, September 1st from 12pm - 6pm.
According to a preliminary police investigation, Lu lived in the building from which he jumped, and officers found his book bag on the roof of the 13th floor of the building.
The Chanel boy bag, which Barton's character Marissa used as a book bag, cost approximately $1,650 at the time, reports
Luna's library days are full of anticipation and excitement and the illustrations tenderly capture the joyous atmosphere of their time together choosing books to put in her book bag.
The go-anywhere projects don't require paper patterns and include everything from clutches and shoulder bags to a yoga mat sling and a vintage book bag. Learning to sew bags has never been easier.
The cover, depicting a Marla-Frazee-like assemblage of readers captivated by their books, is an indication of what's within: An older woman in pearls sips tea and reads The Puttermesser Papers as her dog naps at her feet; a dark-skinned, knee-socks-sporting young girl with a yellow book bag at her side is hunched on stone steps, utterly absorbed in All-of-a-Kind Family; a balding prepster/hipster in gray jeans and deck shoes, curved in on himself in a classic bentwood chair, pores over The Adventures of Kavalier and Clay; a bearded gentleman in a wool tartan cap crosses his legs in a silver bistro chair as he reads Night.
The Friend Parade book bag showcases all of one's favorite Peanuts characters.
YOU COULDN'T SWING a book bag around last year without knocking over a copy of The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, Marie Kondo's international best-seller on home decluttering.
The charity also supports children in hospitals throughout the UK by sending out a unique Olly The Brave pack, which includes an Olly the Brave toy lion, book and book bag.
Every day, you look in their book bag and it's a rare day that you'll find a mere book in there, goodness me, no.
The student, who was said to have a good relationship with the teacher, showed off the gun in her book bag and said, "Lookey what I got."
The institute says the portrait depicts the 9-year-old dressed for school with a book bag over his shoulder, posing ''stiffly and perhaps impatiently'' for the artist.