book in

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book in

vb (adverb)
1. to reserve a room for (oneself or someone else) at a hotel
2. chiefly Brit to record something in a book or register, esp one's arrival at a hotel
يُسَجِّل اسمَه عند دخولِهِ إلى الفُنْدُق
zapsat se
skrá sig inn
ubytovať sa
kaydını yaptırmak

w>book in

vi (in hotel etc) → sich eintragen; we booked in at or into the Hiltonwir sind im Hilton abgestiegen
vt sep
(= register)eintragen
(= make reservation for) to book somebody into a hoteljdm ein Hotelzimmer reservieren lassen; we’re booked in at or into the Hiltonunsere Zimmer sind im Hilton bestellt or reserviert


(buk) noun
1. a number of sheets of paper (especially printed) bound together. an exercise book.
2. a piece of writing, bound and covered. I've written a book on Shakespeare.
3. a record of bets.
1. to buy or reserve (a ticket, seat etc) for a play etc. I've booked four seats for Friday's concert.
2. to hire in advance. We've booked the hall for Saturday.
ˈbookable adjective
able to be reserved in advance. Are these seats bookable?
ˈbooking noun
a reservation.
ˈbooklet (-lit) noun
a small, thin book. a booklet about the history of the town.
ˈbookbinding noun
putting the covers on books.
ˈbookbinder noun
ˈbookcase noun
a set of shelves for books.
ˈbooking-office noun
an office where travel tickets etc are sold. a queue at the station booking-office.
ˈbookmaker noun
a professional betting man who takes bets and pays winnings.
ˈbookmark noun
something put in a book to mark a particular page.
ˈbookseller noun
a person who sells books.
ˈbookshelf noun
a shelf on which books are kept.
ˈbookshop noun
a shop which sells books.
ˈbookworm noun
a person who reads a lot.
booked up
having every ticket sold. The theatre is booked up for the season.
book in
to sign one's name on the list of guests at an hotel etc. We have booked in at the Royal Hotel.
by the book
strictly according to the rules. She always does things by the book.
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Here is Don Kyrieleison of Montalvan, a valiant knight, and his brother Thomas of Montalvan, and the knight Fonseca, with the battle the bold Tirante fought with the mastiff, and the witticisms of the damsel Placerdemivida, and the loves and wiles of the widow Reposada, and the empress in love with the squire Hipolito- in truth, gossip, by right of its style it is the best book in the world.
The women all agree that I was perfectly justified, considering the serious interests that I had at stake, in taking any advantage of any book in the Major's house.
She glanced around; found herself alone, and the next instant she had the book in her hands.