book jacket

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: jacket - a paper jacket for a book; a jacket on which promotional information is usually printed
jacket - an outer wrapping or casing; "phonograph records were sold in cardboard jackets"
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As with other artists, the book jacket designers used a number of styles such as Art Deco, Modernism, and Bloomsbury throughout this time.
Graphic designer Jon Gray exercised artistic license with the counters, serifs and tails of the letters, as well as the orientation of the type to create an appealing and eye-catching book jacket.
The store will boast an 18-foot ceiling and shelving that goes from the floor almost up to the ceiling, along with a brick back wall that will have a felt covering, for book-related art, including book jacket art, to be pinned there on a rotating basis.
Tenders are invited for 13 EA of adhesive - plastic - 8 OZ, squeeze bottle - norbond - demco P162-0800; 1 BOX of book cover - easy cover II; 2 EA of book jacket covers; 20 PKG of book repair wings - clear 2 mil; 56 EA of bookend - 5.
But Dan, an obituary writer who has penned a novel, finds himself obsessed with Anna, a photographer who takes the picture for his book jacket.
Titles are arranged in author order and are accompanied by black-and-white book jacket photos.
Starting off with a very attractive book jacket, the reader is given a quick introduction on the lineage of leatherneck aircraft and aviation history.
Ahead of it highly anticipated publication, publishers Little, Brown released a shot of the book jacket.
Boris, the tiny bear cub fostered by Taya's mother plays a part in the story and a glossy poster is included in the book jacket.
Even more intriguing is the hidden or secret message about poetry discussion and reading/learning tips printed on the underside of the book jacket.
Gunter's "The A to Z of the Kurds," essentially with identical content as his "Historical Dictionary of the Kurds (2003)," ought to have a look at the back of the book jacket.
On the book jacket, I noted that he had once been a divinity student at Harvard University before becoming a journalist, covering some of the worst wars of the last 15 years.