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The practice or profession of recording the accounts and transactions of a business.

book′keep′er n.
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Noun1.bookkeeper - someone who records the transactions of a businessbookkeeper - someone who records the transactions of a business
accountant, comptroller, controller - someone who maintains and audits business accounts


[ˈbʊkˌkiːpəʳ] Ncontable mf, tenedor(a) m/f de libros, contador(a) m/f (LAm)
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Pliskin Realty & Development announced the appointment of Jaclyn Kramer as assistant bookeeper.
Buelba, Bookeeper, City Engineer's Office; Rogelio D.
The SS corporal, dubbed the Bookeeper of Auschwitz, is accused of supporting systematic killing and robbing those about to die.
Aside from Martinez, also facing two counts of Malversation of Public Funds and two counts of violation of the anti-graft law are former Mayor Celestino Martinez III, former Municipal Treasurer Rhett Minguez, Municipal Accountant Cresencio Verdida, all of Bogo, Cebu, along with executive director Alejandrita Meca, treasurer Paz Radaza, cashier-designate Julieta Quino and bookeeper Rhodariza Kilantang, all from the Girl Scouts of the Philippines.
She was an LPN, but worked as a bookeeper for many years in Massachusetts and California, retiring in 2005.
"I play a cyber punk girl who has an illicit affair with one of the characters," says Sam, who lives with her bookeeper mum and 19-year-old brother Sonny, a budding drum and bass DJ.
Like Bertie, he has also had the pleasure of attempting to explain some curious accounting practices, courtesy of the company's bookeeper - his wife Caroline - to the Mahon Tribunal.
"I operated it with two other employees, one of which was a bookeeper."
TABLE 1 BIOLOGICAL SEX OF REFERENT AND GENDER ASSIGNMENT Source M Examples F Examples Totals Cobos 21 buquipa 5 granma 26/212 'bookeeper' 'grandma' (12.2%) charque/sharque guaina 'shark, hustler' 'wino' petrol(ino) jaina 'highway patrol' 'girlfriend' Galvan 99 boi escout 58 beibisira 157/595 'boy scout' 'babysitter' (26.3%) bos guaifa/huifa 'boss' 'wife' drama < drummer esquimo 'traveling salesman' 'eskimo' (f.) guachiman ofendora 'night watchman' 'juvenile offender' saico quira 'psycho, crazy' 'kiddo' TABLE 2 TERMINAL PHONEME(S) VS.
Tracy Wilkes, a bookeeper for 14 years, had never used a computer when she became the manager of the service department at a new Ray's Sentry Market in Willits, Calif.
Detectives say they are now "gravely concerned" for bookeeper Suzanne, 38, and called in specialist teams to help search.