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1. A rack for books.
2. A rack for supporting an open book.


a rack for holding books



1. a support for an open book.
2. a rack for holding books.
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Tenders are invited for white board 20 nos duel desk (wooden ) - 60nos, desk with bookrack 40 nos, wooden teacher table 15 nos ,office alamara 3 nos wooden podium stand 3 nos plastic chair -130 nos
I come here primarily to swoon over the handsome coffee-coloured bookrack placed just outside the counter.
How-to-draw" books, displayed and available on a bookrack.
My first exposure to gay literature was on the bookrack of my father's small Midwestern drugstore in the 1950's.
The experts enlisted by the magazine suggested that a bed could be turned into an ottoman simply by sewing a skirt onto the mattress, and that by setting up a bed perpendicular to a bookrack, the latter could serve as a headboard or cupboard (shkafchik).
I filled these with compost from my worm composter, bags of compost that I had brought home from the store strapped to the bookrack on my bike, and soil I would surreptitiously dig up from the ravine behind my apartment.
Printed versions of the texts were placed in the classroom's bookrack, and computerized versions were made available at the computer station.
They included stools, chairs, picture frames, wooden platters, birdhouses, a metal pail, a watering can, a wooden CD holder, a wall shelf, a bookrack, flower pots, hockey sticks, a cutting board, a wash tub, and a table.
IN 1969, in my small Montana hometown, I spotted a paperback novel on a drugstore bookrack that I knew I had to buy.
One teacher had her students make bookracks for Christmas gifts from recycled automobile license plates, with each end bent up to hold four or five books, and the rack covered with fabric remnants brought from home (Bushfield 1936, 8).