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A bookstore.


a shop in which books are sold


1. 'library'

A library is a building where books are kept that people can look at or borrow.

You can borrow the book from your local library.

A library is also a private collection of books, or a room in a large house where books are kept.

I once stayed in one of his houses and saw his library.
2. 'bookshop'

Don't refer to a shop where you can buy books as a 'library'. In Britain, a shop like this is called a bookshop. In America, it is called a bookstore.

I went into the bookshop to buy a present for my son.
My wife works in a bookstore.
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Noun1.bookshop - a shop where books are soldbookshop - a shop where books are sold    
shop, store - a mercantile establishment for the retail sale of goods or services; "he bought it at a shop on Cape Cod"
مَتْجَرٌ لِبيْعِ الكُتُبمَكْتَبَة لِبيع الكُتُبِ
hiệu sách


[ˈbʊkʃɒp] N (esp Brit) → librería f


[ˈbʊkʃɒp] nlibrairie fbook signing n (by author)séance f de dédicace


[ˈbukˌʃɒp] bookstore (Am) [ˈbukˌstɔːʳ] nlibreria


(buk) noun
1. a number of sheets of paper (especially printed) bound together. an exercise book.
2. a piece of writing, bound and covered. I've written a book on Shakespeare.
3. a record of bets.
1. to buy or reserve (a ticket, seat etc) for a play etc. I've booked four seats for Friday's concert.
2. to hire in advance. We've booked the hall for Saturday.
ˈbookable adjective
able to be reserved in advance. Are these seats bookable?
ˈbooking noun
a reservation.
ˈbooklet (-lit) noun
a small, thin book. a booklet about the history of the town.
ˈbookbinding noun
putting the covers on books.
ˈbookbinder noun
ˈbookcase noun
a set of shelves for books.
ˈbooking-office noun
an office where travel tickets etc are sold. a queue at the station booking-office.
ˈbookmaker noun
a professional betting man who takes bets and pays winnings.
ˈbookmark noun
something put in a book to mark a particular page.
ˈbookseller noun
a person who sells books.
ˈbookshelf noun
a shelf on which books are kept.
ˈbookshop noun
a shop which sells books.
ˈbookworm noun
a person who reads a lot.
booked up
having every ticket sold. The theatre is booked up for the season.
book in
to sign one's name on the list of guests at an hotel etc. We have booked in at the Royal Hotel.
by the book
strictly according to the rules. She always does things by the book.


مَكْتَبَة لِبيع الكُتُبِ knihkupectví boghandel Buchladen βιβλιοπωλείο librería kirjakauppa librairie knjižara libreria 書店 서점 boekwinkel bokhandel księgarnia livraria книжный магазин bokhandel ร้านหนังสือ kitapçı hiệu sách 书店
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I remember the delight with which some six months ago I picked up the first "Dolittle" book in the Hampshire bookshop at Smith College in Northampton.
Before returning to Bilibin's Prince Andrew had gone to bookshop to provide himself with some books for the campaign, and had spent some time in the shop.
For instance, the bookshop at the corner was now selling fish.
As I was loitering along the High-street, looking in disconsolately at the shop windows, and thinking what I would buy if I were a gentleman, who should come out of the bookshop but Mr.
Well, sir, if it isn't too great a liberty, I am a neighbour of yours, for you'll find my little bookshop at the corner of Church Street, and very happy to see you, I am sure.
To join the signing line, purchase the book from Anderson's Bookshop.
Days with Naguib Mahfouz" book cover -- photo courtesy of Academic Bookshop statement CAIRO - 22 February 2018: A new book about the renowned late Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz called "Days with Naguib Mahfouz" by critic/author Fathy el-Ashry was released on Thursday detailing unknown aspects of Mahfouz's life.
The new year could bring a new cultural centre in antiquarian bookshop.
Bookshop to open in mills A GROUP of book sellers are planning to open a bookshop in Britannia Mills in the centre of Slaithwaite.
Jorge Carrion begins this paean to book-shops by writing: "Every bookshop is a condensed version of the world.
Nightingale Books, is a little bookshop that is nestled on the main street in an idyllic little village --and a dream come true for dedicated book lovers.
The criminals dug the tunnel from inside a stall opposite the Thika divisional police headquarters, where they had been running a bookshop, through which they accessed the local Kenya Commercial Bank branch and stole the money.