1. A small counter where books are sold.
2. A bookrack.
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1. a cradle for holding an open book so that it may be read comfortably
2. a stall or stand at a station, airport, etc where periodicals, newspapers, or books are sold
3. to hit the bookstands informal (of a book) to be published
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1. a bookrack.
2. a bookstall.
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References in classic literature ?
Now, the General went straight to the bookcase, leaving his cup of coffee on the bookstand in the middle of the room.
The man saluted and hurried off; and Grayne, following his friend into the library, found him beside the bookstand in the middle of the room, on which were the empty cups.
As Fisher spoke he bent down in a half-crouching attitude, to look at the volumes in the low, revolving shelf, for the whole bookstand was not much higher than an ordinary table.
Two men with two coffee cups did go into the library and did put their cups on the bookstand and did go together to the well, and one of them was a murderer and had put poison in the other's cup.
I had already an ugly, unformed idea of some substitution or reversal of parts; then I stooped to turn the bookstand myself, by accident, and I instantly knew everything, for I saw the two cups revolve once more, like moons in the sky."
The next moment Grayne had turned on the lights, and he saw he had only stumbled against one of the revolving bookstands that had swung round and struck him; but his involuntary recoil had revealed to him his own subconscious sense of something mysterious and monstrous.
He himself was beginning to look for Budge's book in one of the revolving bookstands when the general found it in one of the bookshelves on the wall.
And to be an educator is like being a nun or a priest: it's a calling." On top of his aunt's red Chinese cabinets Higgins placed three bookstands: "The one on the left is a Koran stand I bought in Istanbul, the middle one is a Chinese bookstand I got years later, and two years ago in Tokyo the black and gold one is where the priests put their prayers, the sutras.
In this July 4, 2019, photo, magazines with front covers featuring Chinese President Xi Jinping with South China Sea and Xi against US President Donald Trump are placed on sale at a roadside bookstand in Hong Kong.
Finally finding the book, says Pricilla felt like digging out a chunk of gold from the mound of used books at a bookstand along Tom Mboya street in Nairobi.
Though it looks like a thick book opened from the middle, it is actually meant to represent a 'rehl', the Arabic word for a traditional lectern, a bookstand or bookrest.