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boom 1

v. boomed, boom·ing, booms
1. To make a deep, resonant sound.
2. To grow, develop, or progress rapidly; flourish: Business is booming.
1. To utter or give forth with a deep, resonant sound: a field commander booming out orders.
2. To cause to grow or flourish; boost.
1. A deep resonant sound, as of an explosion.
2. A time of economic prosperity.
3. A sudden increase, as in popularity.

[Middle English bomben, imitative of a loud noise.]

boom′y adj.

boom 2

1. Nautical A spar extending usually from a mast to hold the foot, clew, or tack of a sail.
2. A long pole extending upward at an angle from the mast of a derrick to support or guide objects being lifted or suspended.
a. A barrier composed of a chain of floating logs, typically used to block the passage of boats or to arrest the downstream motion of logs in a log drive.
b. A floating barrier serving to catch debris or to contain an oil spill.
4. A long movable arm used to maneuver and support a microphone.
a. A spar that connects the tail surfaces and the main structure of an airplane.
b. A long hollow tube attached to a tanker aircraft, through which fuel flows to another aircraft being refueled in flight.
tr.v. boomed, boom·ing, booms
To move or position using a crane: boomed the cargo onto the ship.
drop/lower the boom
To act suddenly and forcefully to repress a practice or reprimand an offender; crack down.

[Dutch, tree, pole, from Middle Dutch; see bheuə- in Indo-European roots.]
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adj, boomier or boomiest
1. music characterized by an exaggerated or excessive bass sound
2. informal of or relating to an economic boom
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(ˈbu mi)

adj. boom•i•er, boom•i•est.
1. excessively loud.
2. affected or characterized by an economic boom.
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It has been during the past five years--the boomiest of boom times--that the Alberta government has grown back into the sort of languorous beast it was during the previous boom of the Peter Lougheed era.