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A town experiencing an economic or a population boom.
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But Bob, whose hits with the Boomtown Rats included such classics as Looking After Number One, Tonic For The Troops and I Don't Like Mondays, said he thought he was convinced his career was over following his separation from Paula Yates and her subsequent death.
The former Boomtown Rats frontman told Australian TV: ``The Why Bother?
FORMER Boomtown Rat Bob Geldof has shown his rock and roll pedigree by booking EVERY room at a hotel for two forthcoming Midland gigs.
This time next week we might see this Boomtown Rat scurrying off the Remain sinking ship on to any passing do-gooder lifeboat.
THE Boomtown Rats will play Newcastle 02 Academy later this year as part of a reunion tour.
It also features Ocean Colour Scene, James, The Damned, The Hoosiers, From the Jam, The Beat, The Boomtown Rats, Complete Stone Roses, Tommy Reilly and many others.
And wild-child Peaches Geldof posted a shot of a gift from dad Bob - one of his old Boomtown Rats singles Rat Trap.
Former Boomtown Rats members Garry Roberts and Simon Crowe are performing all the band's old hits alongside new boys Peter Barton on bass and vocals and Darren Beale on guitar.
I'm sure millions of people will be surprised by that,' said Bob, who shot to fame 30 years ago as the angry young man fronting Dublin punk band the Boomtown Rats.
O'Gorman said: "I have had some happy times here, and remember Boomtown Charlie winning first time out when backed from 33-1 to I don't know what.
Around 65,000 music fans enjoyed the Boomtown Fair Festival last weekend - and one reveller may have enjoyed it a bit too much as he was picked up by local police trying to walk more than 60 miles to get home.