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pl.n. Slang
1. Wild and dense brush; jungle.
2. Rural country; the backwoods.

[Originally military slang used by American soldiers engaging guerrillas in the Philippines before World War II, from Tagalog bundok, mountain, from Proto-Malayo-Polynesian *bunduk, elevated ground.]


pl n
1. wild, desolate, or uninhabitable country
2. a remote rural or provincial area
Sometimes shortened to: the Boonies
[C20: from Tagalog bundok mountain]



n. the, (used with a pl. v.)
1. an uninhabited area with thick natural vegetation, as a backwoods or marsh.
2. a remote rural area.
[1905–10, Amer.; < Tagalog bundok mountain + -s3 (in locative derivations as the sticks, the dumps, etc.)]
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Noun1.boondocks - a remote and undeveloped areaboondocks - a remote and undeveloped area  
rural area, country - an area outside of cities and towns; "his poetry celebrated the slower pace of life in the country"


[ˈbuːndɒks] NPL (US) out in the boondocksen el quinto pino


pl (US inf: = backwoods) → Wildnis f; in the boondocksirgendwo, jwd (inf)
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Fresh from college, she was assigned to the boondocks to meet the farmers and see for herself their real situation.
It was curtain-raised by Kenyan acts such as Boondocks Gang, MC Tear Gas, Musical Sheriff and Agugu Family.
She wasn't asking him about the motherlode parametres of the some petroleum dig somewhere in the boondocks, about which he could have professed not to have the figures at his fingertips.
Living in the boondocks like I do, if you step outside at night, it's "Dark as the inside of a boot" as my grandpa used to say.
"With 5G on the horizon in 2022, progress needs to be better - and Wales must not be left in the boondocks. The rural community must not be excluded.
Most of the hostages are kept in the boondocks of Basilan and Sulu, both island provinces off the southern island of Mindanao.
Organized by decade, this book traces 25 sitcoms that changed American television and culture: I Love Lucy, The Honeymooners, Leave It to Beaver, The Andy Griffith Show, Get Smart, The Brady Bunch, All in the Family, The Jeffersons, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, One Day at a Time, Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman, The Golden Girls, Cheers, Murphy Brown, The Cosby Show, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, The Simpsons, Seinfeld, Ellen, Will & Grace, Sex and the City, The Office, The Boondocks, Broad City, and Modern Family.
Boondocks Firearms Training Academy in Raymond, Miss., created a mascot, "Boonie the Sheepdog," as a fun, engaging way to introduce basic gun safety tips to children in the region.
1, craft beer by Boondocks Brewing Co., the Watermelon Refresher, the yummy Lychee Chu-Hai.
Charlie Murphy was mostly known for his comedic sketches&nbsp;on&nbsp;"Chappelle's Show." Murphy also co-wrote some of his brother's movies and appeared in a few movies such as "Are We There Yet," "The Boondocks" and "Black Jesus."
It becomes a big deal not being able to ferry if the aircraft is stuck out in the boondocks away from practical maintenance.
Within the Boondocks the author sought to challenge many of the traditional narrative surrounding both black maleness and the communities in which they operate.