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The highly supportive attitudes and activities of boosters.


(Marketing) the practice of actively promoting a city, region, etc, and its local businesses


(ˈbu stəˌrɪz əm)

the action or policy of enthusiastically promoting something, as a city, product, or service.
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"On the bright side, the Prime Minister's plans for 'boosterism' -- government spending to support the UK economy -- could serve as a counterbalance to recent stagnation.
Boosterism Boris Johnson promises to turbo charge the economy ahead of Brexit Just when I thought British politics couldn't get any weirder...
On describing what it was like to work at CAA, Michael said: "Our corporate culture was American team sports boosterism mixed with Spartan military tactics mixed with Asian philosophy all overlaid by the communitarian spirit of the Three Musketeers."
Mullins does not need such breathless boosterism. The book more than proves that Mayhew is a Revolutionary father worth getting to know.
By Tuesday night, Johnson's boosterism for the bowl game was on full display at the village-sponsored Bret Michaels summer concert next to village hall.
In the end, much of the language of IDSI's talking points serves as a camouflage for a dangerous pro-Beijing boosterism. It goes beyond what more circumspect proponents of a more nuanced approach - less confrontational, but neither defeatist nor callous - call for concerning China.
In the early years of his career, Johns's work was thought to reflect the consumerist boosterism that arguably infused Pop art.
Rather than learn the lessons of the BP Spill, the Trump Administration is poised to double down on the same industry boosterism that led to complacency and ultimately to disaster.
Livingstone was never perfect: there was an uncomfortable atmosphere of cronyism, and that deal where he accepted a chunk of cheap oil from Hugo Chavez, and he set us on the path of property boosterism which the capital is still lumbered with today.
In the context of such a battle over how to represent the past of what is now the fifteenth most populous metropolitan area in the Americas, the goals that Anthony Maingot announces for Miami: A Cultural History are actually bolder than they might appear: "To avoid flippant critiques, odious comparisons, and exuberant boosterism" (p.
quences of such boosterism." The RBI has been facing growing calls from the government, including Union finance minister Arun Jaitley, and industry for further rate cuts despite lowering its policy rate thrice by 0.25 per cent each so far in 2015.
They analyze the similarities and differences in the strategies and their relative successes and failures in order to contribute to the literature on global cities, urban imaging, urban boosterism, urban rejuvenation, cultural mega-projects, and cultural and creative businesses and clusters.