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Adj.1.boot-shaped - shaped like a boot
formed - having or given a form or shape
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When a boot-shaped main injection is implemented, the injection rate first rises to a lower flow-rate level, and this is followed by another rise to a second higher injected flow-rate level [18].
My Italian roots come from the tip of the Italy in a place called Calabria, also famously called the 'toe' of the country's boot-shaped peninsula.
During its Wednesday meeting, the Tallahassee City Commission will vote whether to approve a development deal between the city and developers planning to build a part of the prospective 6,500-acre, boot-shaped development.
One contender is boot-shaped 43-acre Nissos Sofia, off Greece's west coast, selling at PS2.
Sticking to the boot-shaped land from which it draws inspiration, Italian accents are woven through all of the menu's new dishes and complimented with new flavors.
They've already performed to packed house around MENA and other European countries, and now they'll display to the boot-shaped country just how down we can get with our indie bands.
Isla was born with her oesophagus unconnected to her stomach and four problems with her heart, including it being boot-shaped and having a hole.
The city wants to expand its boot-shaped boundary further south to rope in a 257-acre parcel that will house a new state prison and mental hospital and a 100-acre parcel for Grain Millers, along with a 40-acre parcel near the downtown core for a wastewater treatment facility.
Industry advocates point to the value of the jobs the industry creates and the long tradition of tobacco production on the boot-shaped peninsula.
Food is one thing that this boot-shaped country does well.
Always banging on about Venice, Florence, and Rome, how many of us have explored the less celebrated parts of the boot-shaped peninsula?