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Adj.1.boot-shaped - shaped like a boot
formed - having or given a form or shape
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Just before the cruise, my Fitbit watch exploded with congratulatory firecrackers-I had already walked 1,184 kilometers, equal to the whole length of boot-shaped Italy!
TODAY Filipinos converge within the boot-shaped country's cities, with the majority of an estimated 200,000 of them classified as migrant workers.
But Matera's story is quite literally one born of a down-at-heel experience, the southern city nestling close to that part of Italy's boot-shaped peninsula.
The French brand's Bocca range has introduced a new shape of the 'Bocca Walk' model, which features a golden bridge and maintains its slim boot-shaped arms.
Italy's southern region of Apulia, forming the heel of the boot-shaped country, is a lesser known corner in Europe, and prices for houses are still moderate.
My Italian roots come from the tip of the Italy in a place called Calabria, also famously called the 'toe' of the country's boot-shaped peninsula.
One contender is boot-shaped 43-acre Nissos Sofia, off Greece's west coast, selling at PS2.8million.
This little-known country is one of the poorest countries in the Middle East, and is located on the heel of the boot-shaped Saudi Arabian peninsula (see map on right).
Sticking to the boot-shaped land from which it draws inspiration, Italian accents are woven through all of the menu's new dishes and complimented with new flavors.
They've already performed to packed house around MENA and other European countries, and now they'll display to the boot-shaped country just how down we can get with our indie bands.