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A person who cleans and polishes shoes for a living.


(Professions) chiefly US another word for shoeblack



a person who shines shoes and boots for a living.
[1810–20, Amer.]
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Noun1.bootblack - a person who polishes shoes and bootsbootblack - a person who polishes shoes and boots
unskilled person - a person who lacks technical training


[ˈbuːtblæk] Nlimpiabotas mf inv, bolero/a m/f (Mex), embolador(a) m/f (Col)
References in classic literature ?
bootblacks, thimble-riggers, street arabs, beggars, the blear-eyed beggars, thieves, the weakly, vagabonds, merchants, sham soldiers, goldsmiths, passed masters of pickpockets, isolated thieves.
After that we had everything of note, the bootblack boy, the toper with bottle, the woolly rabbit that squeaks when you hold it in your mouth; they all vanished as inexplicably as the lady, but I dared not tell him my suspicions, for he suspected also and his gentle heart would have mourned had I confirmed his fears.
eventually turned loose to prey upon the world as a bootblack or
Then he flattered himself that he looked like a true Briton, but the first time he had the mud cleaned off his shoes, the little bootblack knew that an American stood in them, and said, with a grin, "There yer har, sir.
I have known what it is to be a street-waif, a bootblack, living upon a crust of bread and sleeping in cellar stairways and under empty wagons.
The candidates thrown to aghast house were handpicked by powerful party heads to include cronies, absconders, known for notoriety and bootblacks.
There are now flags for BDSM, leather boys, bootblacks, boot fetishes, foot fetish, freak pride, kittens, puppies, Master/slave, uniform, rubber, skinhead, switch, and just about any other fetish you can think of.
Here was one of my bootblacks, and as required by the terms of his licence he stood just down from the corner for which he had been granted the annual pitch.
Some bootblacks sat together under a tree talking to a soldier.
Poor boys, without any financial protection, follow the bullfights as bootblacks, eager to get into the ring in any kind of an amateur fight no matter how dangerous; practicing the various passes on each other, a passing waiter, a cab horse; riding under the seats of trains with their fighting capes rolled up as pillows; going for days without food when they have been put off a train somewhere by a conductor who catches them without a ticket; going through all the hell of the capeas or village fights where an old, experienced,criminal of a bull is let loose in the barricaded square of a country town and all the aspirant bullfighters may practice with it or be practiced on by the bull.
The Inquisition; the Reformation; the Salem witch trials; male civil unions in late Medieval France; the rise of pornography; the Marquis de Sade; the sexual proclivities of pirates, aristocrats, bootblacks and kings; 19th century sex trafficking--Berkowitz's scope is impressive and rarely off target.
Antoniou packs the hotel with characters representing a wide range of kinks and fetishes, from masters with slaves to leather-admiring bootblacks to furries and costume enthusiasts, and sets up enough potential motives for Steele's murder to give the police plenty to investigate.