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Will there be a level of humiliation that will compel our politicians to finally stop being bootlickers?
A chieftain of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Comrade Timi Frank, who gave the charge, urged President Buhari to free himself from those he called bootlickers in the corridors of power whom he noted have shielded him from the true picture of the lamentations of Nigerians under his administration.
Propped up by a huge government war chest, mind-conditioning poll surveys, religious cult bootlickers and hungry people who are magnetized by the glitter of a dime, Duterte's senatorial candidates were able to sweep that once-august chamber.
Without naming his younger brother, who handles the day to day work of the party, he said bootlickers have been given the party ticket.
"He thinks he can pass, railroad, and get away with anti-people policies after installing militarists in his Cabinet and bootlickers in his government.
While many HoR members may be seen as hopeless bootlickers and while the Supreme Court continues to be packed by presidential appointees, the Senate appears to be the remaining institution with the guts to check executive abuses.
Bootlickers, old and new, and those in the making, must all be condemned with as much noise as we can generate.
The same bootlickers will find a new Gideon boot to lick, that's the law of the land!!!!
Police said that the both bootlickers were involved in local liquor supply business and also running a liquor den in the locality.
The headman has a group of men popularly referred to as bootlickers (known locally as Mclope) who are very loyal to him or her.
The US government line, put bluntly, was that Germans were bootlickers: Does the prisoner argue with the warden?
They are often called bootlickers, apple-polishers, yes men, crawlers or even parasites.