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 (bo͞o′yä′, -yə)
Slang Used to express exultation or triumphant satisfaction.

[Originally imitative of the sound of a shotgun being fired.]
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Originally it was rigged with a 4-inch Zoom Horny Toad, but the makers have switched to a Booyah Top Toad, since War Eagle was acquired by PRADCO.
Not just their story, incredible and heartrending though it was - Finn was near-fatally stabbed by a criminal, in the line of duty, and after four hours in surgery and many weeks in recovery, returned to active duty just before Christmas, where - booyah! - he immediately caught another villain.
PRACDO also represents over 15 fishing brands, including Rebel, Heddon, YUM, Booyah and Bomber.
This year's winners include: Booyah Clean, Harahan, LA; Boulder Clean, Boulder, CO; Brandless, Inc., San Francisco, CA; Breathe, Vernon, CA; The Honest Company, Santa Monica, CA; Jelmar, LLC, Skokie, IL; Local Hazardous Waste Management Program, Kings County, Seattle, WA; Pacific Lutheran University, Tacoma, WA; Simple Green, Huntington Beach, CA; Solugen, Inc., Houston, TX; State Industrial Products, Mayfield Heights, OH; and Wegmans Food Markets, Inc., Rochester, NY.
The soft matte mousse comes in three shades: Totally (nude brown), Booyah! (plum) and As If (nude pink).
Another Denver customer, Booyah Advertising, started using Hotel Engine after trying other solutions that didn't offer a comparable combination of pricing and reporting features.
"Booyah," the cybernetic superhero says in one of the latest promo videos.
He alternated between a Booyah Hard Knocker and a Strike King Redeye Shad to give the fish a variety of sounds and looks.
Up against the final 16 words such as bitcoin, bestie, ew, retweet, zen, woot, booyah, cosplay, lifehack, and adorbs, geocache came out as the final winner.
Then, in 2013, the pair exploded into the mainstream with the monster hit Booyah.