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 (bo͞oz) Slang
a. Hard liquor.
b. An alcoholic beverage.
2. A drinking spree.
intr.v. boozed, booz·ing, booz·es
To drink alcoholic beverages excessively or chronically.

[Alteration of obsolete bouse, from Middle English bousen, to drink to excess, from Middle Dutch būsen.]

booz′er n.
booz′i·ly adv.
booz′y adj.
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in a boozy manner
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And not just because my friends and I boozily blagged our way into a Wimbledon Park mansion whilst former player turned presenter Annabel Croft was filming a TV show.
Kerouac came around to boozily celebrate the publication of Vanity of
I'LL SHOW YOU CRAZY Divorce-battle film star's wild moment JOHNNY Depp boozily crashed around his kitchen at breakfast time and ranted at Amber Heard in a video starkly highlighting the strain on the Hollywood couple.
Forget boozily falling asleep in the wrong person's lap - until you feel the fear of being stuck with a drunken maniac experiencing air rage, you can never really grasp how dangerous alcohol can be on a flight.
So far Mike's resisted the temptation to mimic Tom Cruise and pals boozily singing You've Lost That Loving Feeling to Kelly McGillis.