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(ˌbɔːdəˈleɪz; French bɔrdəlɛz)
(Cookery) cookery denoting a brown sauce flavoured with red wine and sometimes mushrooms
[French: of Bordeaux]
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Noun1.bordelaise - brown sauce with beef marrow and red wine
sauce - flavorful relish or dressing or topping served as an accompaniment to food
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Eggs a la tripe, au gratin, a l'Aurore, a la Dauphine, a la Poulette, a la Tartare, a la Venitienne, a la Bordelaise , and so on, and so on.
Souffle of quails with smoked or pickled (scarlet tongue) Boned breast and wing of chicken with a sauce of foie gras Saddles of mutton in gravy Ducklings cooked in a bordelaise sauce Ham served with marsh-grown broad beans Ortolans (garden buntings) served on crustless bread
For this performance Alexander Whitley danced the Widow Simone, that thrifty Bordelaise possessed of an erring daughter -the saucily pretty Lise (Carol-Anne Millar in top form).
McCain is also strongly promoting its Pizza International range of four thin-crust products: Sicilian (topped with Italian sausage, red peppers, red onions and parmesan cheese), Mexican (featuring refried beans, beef, hot peppers, black olives and red onions), California Chicken (topped with Bordelaise sauce, garlic chicken, white onions, roasted garlic and parsley flakes) and Greek (feta cheese, red peppers, black olives, red onions and oregano flakes).
The classic story of Joseph is paired with exuberant music, featuring favorites such as "Close Every Door," "Go, Go, Go Joseph" and "Any Dream Will Do." Before the show enjoy a luncheon with your choice of: bistro steak with Bordelaise sauce; or lake trout with citrus caper sauce.
The other featured dishes were Eggs En Meurette-soft egg poached in red wine, mushroom duxelle, garlic toast, and Cabernet bacon jus; Steak Frites-USDA beef tenderloin, bordelaise, petite organic greens, served with paprika-parmesan fries; Spanish Broken Eggs-homemade chorizo, tomatoes, peppers, soft eggs and house-made sweet potato chips; and Smoked Salmon-farmer's kesong puti, pickled red onions, Tagaytay tomatoes, capers and house bagels.
I expected to cut into a filet with sauce Bordelaise, but we were served turbot viennoise with "condiments." Translated, this was turbot and white beans in a rich lobster sauce with clams, basil, garlic and tomato confit--a hearty bite to pair with the lively 1990 Lafite and 2005 Caro, the Argentinean wine of Domaines Barons de Rothschild (Lafite).
Colette ordered a classic beef filet Bordelaise ($33), also perfectly medium rare and smothered in a beautiful reading of the complex red wine reduction that gives the dish its name.
The chef's recent dinner specials include: grilled mahi mahi drizzled with white truffle oil and served with gorgonzola mashed potatoes and vegetable, $12.99; and pan-seared filet mignon wrapped in hickory-smoked bacon with bordelaise sauce, topped with steakhouse mushrooms and served with leek and scallion mashed potatoes, $19.99.
Ladbrokes and William Hill have grown fat on our lean betting returns, but old scores were settled last week in a restaurant in south west France with every retaliatory mouthful of steak hache de viande chevaline, bordelaise sauce, mushrooms, salade paysanne and frites, brought to life by a local bottle-conditioned ale.
For main course, Kay had the stuffed and roasted chicken breast on colcannon with Bordelaise sauce.
There are starters of grilled black pudding with a poached egg and sauce bordelaise, a mussel and leek risotto with cream sauce and a ravioli of goat's cheese with Parma ham and rocket with a dressing of tomato vinaigrette.