bordelaise sauce

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bor•de•laise′ sauce`

(ˌbɔr dlˈeɪz, -ˈɛz)

a brown sauce flavored with red wine and shallots.
[< French, feminine of bordelais of Bordeaux]
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What: On Father's Day, the restaurant is offering a special off-menu, by-request hand-cut bone-in filet with butter-poached South African lobster tails featuring a lobster Bordelaise sauce.
Now a Californian burger is just as likely to come topped with guacamole (around 90% of the US crop is grown there), a foie gras suffused Bordelaise sauce, macaroni cheese, candied bacon and a fried egg, or watercress and Gruyere cheese with its creamy, slightly nutty taste.
Next, happily breaking with food and wine matching convention, a delightful brill dish featuring a bordelaise sauce was paired with the FIEFS DE LAGRANGE 2014.
The main course was oven-baked, whole-roasted tenderloin with bordelaise sauce and mashed potatoes and beetroot chips paired with Mouton Cadet Vintage 2012.
My partner opted for a medium rare USDA Black Angus T-bone - cooked to perfection - with an innovative, slightly syrupy bone marrow bordelaise sauce and macaroni and cheese as a side.
And the Kobe/veal/pork meatloaf is crowned with bacon bordelaise sauce, a fried egg and served with a Guinness-battered onion ring.
The challenge was all in the main course - stuffed pork loin with pine nuts, spinach and a dark and sexy Bordelaise sauce.
Contrary to the recommendation of it being best cooked rare, uncultured oaf that I am, I asked for it well-cooked and was delighted that it was still succulent and oozing with taste, not least because the seasoned fries and slice of onion loaf it came with complemented it beautifully, as did the bordelaise sauce, a red wine, garlic and rosemary jus which was rounded and rich.
Proof that a gorgeous face doesn't necessarily tie a man to your bed-post, and no matter how enticing the smell of Bordelaise sauce on a sirloin, the friedonion whiff of a back-street burger will always be an aphrodisiac.
QWhat is a Bordelaise sauce? My sister says it's lush.
New creations from Hawley: A bacon-wrapped filet topped with blue cheese butter and a Bordelaise sauce served with hand-cut fries and jumbo asparagus.