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Noun1.border district - district consisting of the area on either side of a border or boundary of a country or an area; "the Welsh marches between England and Wales"
district, territorial dominion, territory, dominion - a region marked off for administrative or other purposes
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The intelligence authorities alerted the border district police that the Maoists might attempt a few " major operations" during the two- day bandh.
Rajkot, Feb 22 (ANI): Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi today visited the border district of Kutch in Gujarat to further accelerate the youth Congress membership campaign.
In Saada province, the warplanes of aggression waged Four strikes on Boqea district, three raids on a main road of Saqin district, and five strikes on Baqem border district.
Contract notice for Reconstruction of road II / 324 border district nymburk - nov bydov.
Haska Mena is the border district of Nangarhar province which had witnessed a number of attacks by militants.
In the border district of Munabeh, Saudi missile shells destroyed a civilian's home and killing dozens of sheep in Aal-amr area and in Ghamer border district missile and artillery shells targeted several areas.
Another civilian was killed in an aggression air strike which targeted a main road in Aal-Ali area of Razeh border district.
The IOM and NAC have created what is called the Border District Strategic HIV and AIDS Investment Plans, to answer questions like how do the people access information on HIV and related issues, especially those in hard to reach communities?
Meanwhile, Saudi force targeted Ghur area of Ghamer district and several areas of Munabeh border district by missiles and artillery.
Prior Information Notice: II / 324 border district Nymburk - Steery.
Meanwhile, Saudi artillery force shelled Munabeh district, Ghur area of Ghamer district, and several areas of Razeh border district.
Also in Saada, the aggression fighter jets waged two raids on Azhur area of Razeh border district and one on the dawn of Maran mountain.

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