border patrolman

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Noun1.border patrolman - someone who patrols the borders of a country
border patrol - a group of officers who patrol the borders of a country
law officer, lawman, peace officer - an officer of the law
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By the way, the late Charles Askins once wrote that while a Border Patrolman he took pliers and bent the sights of the outfits' newly received Colt New Service .
41 Magnum to fruition: While we were attending the NRA convention in Washington, DC, Bill Jordan, the old border patrolman, came to me and says, 'Elmer, you've got the .
Her husband, Ziad Jilani was killed three years ago by Maxim Vinogradov, an Israeli border patrolman who put his rifle to Jilani's head and pulled the trigger three consecutive times.
The ill-conceived operation began shortly thereafter and didn't stop until Border Patrolman Brian Terry was murdered with F&F guns.
With little available work on the border that pays more than a pittance, crooked money is too tempting, says former Border Patrolman David Ham: "Wherever there's a connection to the border, look for trouble.
Navy during World War II and was a welder for Great Northern Railroad, a telegrapher for Northern Pacific Railroad, a border patrolman and an immigration officer.
He was well decorated in World War II, a champion with rifle and pistol, a veteran border patrolman and a legendary hunter.
For instance, in The Border, Jack Nicholson's fellow border patrolman, played by Harvey Keitel, first appears without his shirt, his muscles a reflection of his hardened attitude.
The craggy-faced actor also stars as ranch foreman Pete Perkins who forces psychotic border patrolman Mike Norton (Barry Pepper) to take the exhumed body of victim Melquiades Estrada (Julio Cesar Cedillo) to a more suitable burial site.
He exhumes the body and kidnaps border patrolman Mike Norton (Barry Pepper), who accidentally shot Melquiades then tried to cover up the crime.
Though he has been in Texas for five years, Estrada has no working papers; when he is shot by trigger-happy border patrolman Mike Norton (Barry Pepper), he is buried in an unmarked grave.
He also lassoes Mike Norton (Barry Pepper), the young border patrolman responsible for his friend's death, and forces him to ride along into an increasingly surreal, cross-border odyssey.